Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep.34 --  The Removing Content Edition



Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.


Revisionism reigned where numerous sources looked at scrubbing potentially offensive content from products, actions and news stories. The desire to eliminate aspects of entities is our regular standard anymore, whether it is the usual outrage at Hollywood content to wanting to control the stories as they are reported. Self-censorship is all the rage!


Meanwhile the primary elections have already generated their first national controversy, and in case you have not heard here is some kind of controversy involving Russia and the last election. Huh! Also Alyssa Milano was saying things that made no sense while a fast food boycott was called for — and makes even less sense.





    • A new film is coming that celebrates the moon landing…but America is not permitted to celebrate the accomplishment.
    • The Florida gubernatorial race has only begun and instantly it devolves into a race-baiting hysterical dog whistle show.
    • Last week @BuckSexton spoke with Alyssa Milano, and it was not entirely unhinged on her part — only partially so.
    • There is more Russian collusion information, and it moves further away from proving there was actual Russian collusion.
    • Peter Dinklage worked to have a film made on the life of Herve Villechaize (Tattoo, from “Fantasy Island). Activists barked Dinklage was the wrong ethnicity and managed to prove he was in fact perfect for the role.
    • In California Democrats want to boycott the In-N-Out burger franchise over political donations, and they instead managed to fall into the dumpster behind the restaurant.
    • A rare film review from Brad, this covering “Operation Finale” and he explains why AntiFa should be the ones to see this.





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