Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep.31 -- Questionable Characters Answer Their Actions Edition


Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

It was a week that featured a number of detestable figures facing challenges in many forms. A protest and counter protest featured mobs of idiots nobody could support — so of course the press chose sides. An FBI dolt was run out of office, and a wing-nut commentator was chased off social media, and the press continued to embarass themselves.


There also were odd decisions from the Oscars, and odd summations from a primary election, and while lecturing us not to stereotype minority groups the activists demand we typecast minorities in films. Hitting back with facts and logic is the only recourse these days.





THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Stop Children, What’s That Sound” — BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD

  • Pete is finally Strzok down from his FBI position
  • The press has painted themselves into a corner with ink regarding AntiFa, as the group they supported begins attacking reporters
  • CNN has cultivated an unhealthy obsession with getting Alex Jones deplatformed
  • The Academy Awards has been suffering in the ratings so they come up with a solution: A participation trophy!
  • Space Force is coming!! And it is so incredibly awesome people are confused by it.
  • Alyssa Milano supports ANOTHER candidate who loses an election, but this time it is different: the Russians are to blame!
  • People are complaining to studios that a straight actor is playing a gay role. Gay actors playing straight characters is perfectly acceptable.
  • Brian Stelter continues to be oblivious towards violating his own accusations of journalism ethics


In the climate of people barking about the social makeup of actors playing particular characters Vincent D’Onofrio asks permission from the public to play a negative role. (He has since taken down the original tweet, but this tracks it.)

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