The Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep. 27 - The Untethered Bawl Edition


Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.


It was a week of unhinged merriment from the political circles as FBI gargoyle Peter Strzok sat before congress, and everyone was so out of control that scientists are considering adding Pandemonium to the periodic table of elements.


Not to be outdone many in the entertainment industry also had to act unhinged in order to get noticed. Sarah Lee and Brad Slager take their respective roles of analysis as D.C. goes haywire, and the press goes insane reporting on Trump as he goes to Europe.  



THIS WEEK’S THEME:  “Christmas In Hollis” — RUN DMC



  • Peter Strzok was a complete shitbird during his visit to The Hill, and the rest of our congresspersons tried to keep up with him.
  • Scar-Jo is chased off of a movie because trans people, who want to be women, do not want a woman to play a trans person.
  • The MeToo movement proves to be kryptonite to Superman, Hentry Cavill.
  • SLATE goes after various members of the Trump administration. They are really angry, mostly when they cannot find a reason to be mad.
  • The new Ant-Man film is insensitive because they portrayed a person with chronic pain getting a cure. Yea, we can’t make sense of it either.
  • After years away Borat makes a comeback — and he targets people whose careers are years away.



In preparation for her upcoming triumphant return to the sixth Sharknado next month, Tara Reid warms up by appearing for 5 minutes in this bizarre desert exercise where a group of distasteful party hippies ride to Burning Man and get waylaid by a death cult and desert mummies. It makes even less sense than it sounds.





Bruce Willis makes a bold declaration on whether Die Hard is actually  a Christmas Movie. Just remember that all art is interpretational.


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