When Hollywood Fails the President Is to Blame: The Latest Trump-Derangement


The desire to blame everything on the President now involves prophecy

To say that the election of Donald Trump has caused Hollywood to lose their collective minds is understatement writ monolith. There are so many examples of stars who have become unhinged in the year and a half since their anointed Hillary failed to ascend to her throne in D.C. Joss Whedon has become a husk of his former self. Ron Perlman is reduced to being a growling Rottweiler with distemper. Debra Messing has been a hysterical harridan promoting any possible protest. Alyssa Milano is positioned as little more than a #Resistence cheerleader with all the political savvy of your average high school…well, cheerleader.


The entertainment press is no less imbalanced, as the uniform leftist messaging from that sector has long strained to make anything about Trump. Movies released just after the election, such as “Hidden Figures”, and “Star Wars: Rogue One”, were said to carry messages for the new President, even though they had been filmed and completed well before the election. It has been so pervasive that this past February one fever-dream assessment was that “Trump’s America” was to blame for the film “Black Panther” failing to achieve a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Stunted as that was for a theory it became even dumber when the negative reviews were found in outlets from other countries.

Yet that asininery is possibly eclipsed, as now Hollywood is resorting to slamming the President with predictive assaults. Over at Vice, they look at the new movie based around The Joker and Eve Peyser has declared that Donald Trump is to blame for the disaster. Jared Leto’s portrayal of the character is emblematic of the larger malevolence seen in the White House, you see.

“It’d be cartoonish, except most cartoons are less predictable. In this day and age, a Batman antagonist oozing menace and intelligence just doesn’t make sense. An impotent buffoon who does dumb evil shit, and somehow gets away with it is far more fitting.


This sure sounds and feels as if a critic has discovered the metaphorical semblance in an artistic product, and drew the comparisons based on contemporary evidence. There is only one disqualifying detail: Warner Brothers has only just announced they will be making this stand-alone Joker film — on Tuesday.


Yes, Donald Trump is being blamed for a movie that has not even been made. They are not yet in production. They have been no writers selected for the screenplay. Hell, a title for this movie was not even declared. But, it is horrible, and the current occupant of the White House is to blame somehow.

Look, I harbor no doubt that the movie has every chance of being a mess. The original “Suicide Squad” was a neon-lit fiasco. It was an endless stream of character introductions while a sprawling menace of a villain was given scant story. Jared Leto’s Joker was an overwrought caricature that was unwatchable, with the only positive thing to say about his performance being his receiving severely trimmed-down screen time. The studio saw the final cut and decided to have a new company come in and re-edit the completed film to salvage any viability. So to say a new Joker film — with Leto in the lead and from the same studio — is going to be a disaster is not the work of a psychic.

To lay the blame of that at the feet of Donald Trump is abject hate-based wish-casting however. All of that established failure built into the production was done well before Trump’s ascendancy. “Suicide Squad” begun its production in the fall of 2014 and was released three full months before the 2016 election. It was written during the Obama era, and Leto cannot be said to be channeling the President as he completed most of his scenes prior to Trump even announcing his candidacy.


Any failing of this film – assured or expected – has no DNA with the President. Any assessment that the film is based in any way on Trump is pure seer work, rooted in nothing substantial. There is the probability that this new film will not even begin to be made until after the expected “Suicide Squad” sequel, and that is not even set to go into production until 2019.

This means that the Trumpian disaster of a movie may not even be seen until well after the next election. But from what I have heard Trump has really screwed it up.


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