Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep.21 The Confusing Standards Edition



Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment where they contribute to our culture.


It was a week filled with confounding stories of the head-scratching variety. There seemed a glut of “Okay, but…” elements to much of what was going on. Okay we finally find joy in an arrest, but why did it take so long?! Okay Politico sells out, but doesn’t tell us who is buying?! And so on…



Listen in as front page writers Sarah Lee and Brad Slager honor the warriors on Memorial Day and dishonor the screwballs who made headlines the past week.



OPENING THEME: “The Marine’s Hymn”


  • The city of West Hollywood declares a porn actress who had sex is a national hero
  • Politico is bought out, but they are not too interested in letting us know there could be ChiCom collusion
  • Elon Musk burns down the press like they are one of his car batteries.
  • Weinstein gets perp-walked, and we delve into why there was a delay
  • David Hogg is back to his activist activities, and they are about as successful as his past efforts
  • In Oregon they think they will fix racism, by banning white people from Happy Hour
  • Brad MAY have had Zombies loose in Florida
  • Sarah has her review of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”



When Scaramucci and Avenatti get together they make believers out of everyone!

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