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New comedy arrivals joined the strong hold-overs in what became a varied field, and fortunes shifted throughout the weekend. One of the comedies underperformed while the other new arrival did surprising business. With older titles one did well, as expected, and the other showed some surprising heft. Coming into Sunday there was still a little mystery which would prevail.


All of this mystery lends a fair amount of drama, which will be welcomed somewhat, given that next weekend is a foregone conclusion. “The Avengers: Infinity War” arrives, and that guaranteed monstrous smash blockbuster epic out-of-proportion hit is projected to earn more than twice as much as this week’s entire top-10 gross amount. Yea, it’ll be big.

1.  A QUIET PLACE – $21.7
The hit psychological-horror returns to the top slot as it continues to lure in the older crowds hungry for some quality entertainment. This makes the third week in a row it pulled in over $29 million, and it is has already made $130 million in total, closing in on $200 million worldwide.

2. RAMPAGE – $20.7m
Continuing to defy conventions this dopey monster flick continues to draw, showing a strong second week hold of -41%. Following a similar pattern to its opening weekend this pure action play starring The Rock had a tepid Friday, but then the audience grew throughout Saturday and it surged ahead of where it was projected. Based on last week showing a stronger Sunday than expected, there is a chance that this can slip into becoming the #1 title for the second week.

3. I FEEL PRETTY – $16.2m
There was not the expected amount of buzz surrounding this Amy Schumer romp about an overweight woman who conks her head and comes to believing she is a svelte and sexy tart. Amy would need all sorts of media assistance to push this title and instead she was greeted with resistance in the activist media. This opening is her lowest in those films where she starred.


4. SUPER TROOPERS 2 – $14.7m
This is quite the surprise, for a number of reasons, the first being it has been 17 years since the original became a cult hit. That film was a modest buy out of Sundance, did quiet business in theaters, but then became a huge DVD title, in sales and rentals. The comedy troupe Broken Lizard has attempted to replicate the success of the original, but “Dukes of Hazzard”, “Club Dread”, and “Beerfest” were all disappointments, so they returned to their hit premise. While picked up by Fox Searchlight the distributor deal was Lizard had to fund the production, so they crowdsourced the money and raised nearly $5 million on Indiegogo. Projected to only draw around $5 million the thought is the 4/20 pot holiday had some influence on this number. It led all titles with the highest per-screen average.

5. TRUTH OR DARE – $7.9m
Dropping a very stark -70% this is to be expected with horror titles of this nature. Don’t cry for Blumhouse/ Universal — this stars nobody, and only cost $3.5 million to shoot. They are fine.

While not melting down the box office it has done just okay here, sitting at about $125m domestically. However the numbers overseas have been big, with an additional $375 million. That means it should be about at the profitability line. This is good news for Warner Brothers, because by next week this will be all but forgotten by most.


7. BLOCKERS – $6.98m
Well-timed adult comedy for the prom season has been a decent success for Universal. It is still holding court in 3,000+ theaters, a sign it has an audience.

8. BLACK PANTHER – $4.64m
It will be interesting to see how much this mega-hit will linger when “Infinity War” comes in. If it benefits from some carry-over there is an outside chance this can cross over the $700 million total.

9. TRAFFIK – $3.87m
This is a smaller title as it is a thriller aimed at the African American market. With a very low cost it is expected to make more of its money in secondary markets (DVD, TV licensing, etc.)

10. ISLE OF DOGS – $3.4m
Animated Wes Anderson pic has gotten longterm attention, and has stretched things out to a respectable $25 million total.


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