Florida Politician Uses Stolen Valor in Claiming Parkland Residency

Ted Deutch makes a false claim to make him a part of a huge issue.

During the CNN Town Hall on gun control issues a number of politicians from the South Florida area were involved. Senator Marco Rubio was brought out to be used as a pinata for the gun control lobby, meanwhile his Senatorial partner, Democrat Bill Nelson, curried favor with his continued calls for gun restrictions.


Joining them was House Representative Ted Deutch, whose district includes the township where Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is situated. Deutch has been a vocal gun control advocate, and he has been ramping up the volume on the issue since the shooting took place.

It was on the very day of the shooting that these Democrats launched a Caliber-Offensive, with Bill Nelson appearing on any news outlet that would have him on, and Rep. Ted Deutch was no less eager to get his message out. Appearing on MSNBC Deutch was granted all the time he desired for his anti-gun platform. “’Everyone has an excuse, but everyone also acknowledges that days like today are awful … Let’s just not let this go!’

If that sounds to you like it hews very close to the familiar Democrat mantra of “Don’t let a crisis go to waste” that is understandable. The Congressman is adept at delivering those concise soundbites. During the CNN agitprop seminar, he justified politicising the issue, saying in response to those saying it is too soon to talk about new legislation that it is actually too late for the seventeen students who lost their lives.


The desire of Deutch to immerse himself into this issue has become distasteful. He has gone beyond involvement in the aftermath to making himself a figurehead of the issue. In a Tweet he sent out following the massacre Deutch declared himself a resident of the town of Parkland.

The problem? No, he is not a Parkland resident. He was called out for it by Javier Manjarres, also of the district, who is reportedly planning a run against Deutch.

As you can see Deutch actually resides well north of the area, in the Boca Raton region. To lay claim to a residency of the site of the shooting is a disturbing piece of self-aggrandizement. This detail is especially glaring given that it takes no exhaustive records search to determine this. Deutch admits to it on his own website.



In fact, more specifics are found if we look into the Palm Beach Property Appraisers — NOT Broward County, mind you, where Parkland is located. That database shows that Deutch’s home is in the unincorporated region that rests outside of the district he represents. This is something of a tradition among South Florida Banana-Republic politicians.

As a result, not only is his claim of being a Parkland citizen bogus, his claim of being their representative is of a questionable nature.


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