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With Marvel stretching the calendar by debuting their comic book offering last week the overall box office returns are enjoying a flush time. It will only continue, with DC bringing their ensemble epic next week. It’s a time of a rising box office lifting all films.


A couple of new releases had wide debuts with some decent returns, but really everyone pales in comparison to the Thunder god, rampaging as he is. The coming weeks should deliver a pattern of strong titles lingering with long-term success as weaker efforts will slide away quietly, and a smattering of boutique films hoping for awards season notice popping up briefly for qualifying purposes. Let’s drop the hammer on this weekend’s results.

1.  THOR: RAGNAROK – $56.6Million
Actually overperforming a bit here this number means it has a drop of only -54%, which is impressive for a front-loaded superhero film. Also impressive is how it continues to outdraw the first two “Thor” films. This takes it over $200million domestically and has already pulled in $650million globally. Next week’s showdown with “Justice League” will be revealing.


2.  DADDY’S HOME 2 – $30.0m
This is a strong return, given how brutal things have been for adult comedies this year. Ramping up the pathos with a new set of Dads, in the form of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow, and enough holiday content seems to be the right formula to draw eyes and buck that hostile trend. Oh, and John Cena — that probably helped as well.


A remake of the classic murder mystery has a star-choked cast. 20th Century Fox played this smart by keeping the budget under control, at a slim $55million. The high-grade quality this time of year, as well as the global appeal, should have the studio enjoying a profit. This is a stronger than expected return, and that should carry the passengers well through the Thanksgiving frame — even though there are no Asians in the cast!



Coming off a less-than-impressive debut this is quite the decent performance on its second week, dropping only -31%. It will be important to see if the same formula of mothers dropping off the kids to the comic book film, and ducking to see this one, works out next week for the new superhero release.


5.  JIGSAW – $3.42m
Seriously, who is left to go see this? Not very many actually, based on that figure. Anyway, we’ll probably be sure to be assaulted with more of these down the road. While the $60million global take places this near the bottom of the franchise performances it only cost Lionsgate $10million to produce.


This leftover holiday candy is still sitting in nearly 2,000 theaters, for some reason. The interest has slowed to a crawl. Let’s pack this away with the plastic pumpkin buckets already.


7.  GEOSTORM — $1.54m
The delirious disaster of a disaster picture has shed another 1,000 screens and has drawn merely 20% of its monstrous budget. Overseas they were more forgiving, delivering $150million in foreign grosses, but this is still at least $100million away from approaching break-even.


8.  BLADE RUNNER 2049 –$1.1m
Dropping off of another 700 screens, this one is over. One of the bigger disasters of the year, this makes for two massive flameouts that Warners absorbed in the month of October.



9.  HAPPY DEATH DAY — $1.3m
One other lingering Halloween creeper, this is actually the template for studio horror; made on the cheap, and quickly drawing ten times its budget inside a month. Like a quick withdrawal from the ATM.


10.  LADY BIRD — $1.25m
Some massive interest in this independent film that is playing on just 37 screens. The family drama has critics raving and the interest generated a massive screen average over $33,000. (“Thor” drew in $13,000 per screen, for comparison.)


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