After NYC Terror Attack Political Group Is Proud of Its Ad of Truck Chasing Down Children

The Ed Gillespie demon-truck comin' 'round the bend
The Ed Gillespie demon-truck comin’ ’round the bend

In politics, hindsight is more than 20/20; it is often cause for hysteria. It has become political expediency to find seemingly innocuous acts in the past of someone and have them extrapolated into character-rendering judgments. Brendan Eich made a modest contribution to a traditional marriage campaign, and six years later it was declared an anti-gay maneuver and grounds for him to be removed as CEO Of Mozilla.


SO then what can be said of a group running an inflammatory campaign ad depicting a truck driver hunting down minority children, just hours before a terrorist used a truck to run down and kill people in New York City? And what if that same organization actually was proud of its disgustingly racist depiction, even after the disturbing event? The media would surely jump all over them and call for resignations and social scalps, correct?

Not unless it was a leftist organization, and they were supporting a Democrat candidate in a tight race. The Latino Victory Fund is an avowed progressive PAC that supports and promotes Latin candidates across the country. Or, in the case of the Virginia gubernatorial race, they will back lily-white candidate Ralph Northam as long as he is a Democrat, and they can demonize his opponent. And in this case, they display an air of desperation.

An advertisement produced by the group (covered here by Brandon Morse) plays off the desire to paint the GOP candidate Ed Gillespie as an inveterate racist. It the truly the lowest form of pandering, playing solely off fear by displaying cartoonishly shallow stereotypes. A group of kids are walking home from school, and soon find themselves nefariously followed by an evil white man, in a pickup truck, flying a Confederate flag and sporting an Ed Gillespie campaign bumper sticker.

Why stop there? Why not a red truck, with flames shooting from the exhaust pipes, driven by Old Scratch himself?

Now recall, when Arizona politician Gabby Giffords was shot by a lunatic gunman political opportunists cited Sarah Palin as responsible. The reason? A pathetic connection was made to the infamous cross-hairs district map she promoted, ten months ahead of the shooting. Yet here we have the president of Latino Victory, Cristobal Alex, not only promoting this disturbingly tasteless video, he does so mere hours before an eerily similar incident plays out on our streets.

I am not about to suggest that this commercial inspired the ISIS-besotted attacker in New York, but based on the rules set in motion by prior outrage shouldn’t there be some media blowback? You won’t find many outlets even addressing the connection, as blatant as it is. You don’t hear calls for Alex to step down. No cameras are being thrust in the face of actress and Latino Victory founder Eva Longoria.

Just after the attack in New York the organization issued a statement from President Alex:


It is a measure of consistency that a group producing such a sophomorically disgusting ad would not only fail to apologize, or show reticence but use the occasion to attack Republicans anew. They claim their ad was so successful it had to be taken down? And not due to racism as they were promoting vehicular terror to register pathetic political points? Uh, sure.

In recent weeks Ed Gillespie has seen his once insurmountable poll deficit shrink to nearly finding him within the margin of error of Northam’s lead. If backers like Latino Victory continue making these kinds of errors they will end up driving Gillespie to an easy victory.


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