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Pop culture conflict this weekend
Pop culture conflict this weekend

Following a hurricane shutting down an entire state last week Hollywood would have normally cited that as a reason for depleted numbers. However a record-breaking performance quelled those usual complaints. (The NFL instead adopted that excuse for lower ratings on opening week.)


This is supposed to be a doldrum segment of the release schedule, following summer blockbuster season, however studios have been actually releasing titles with decent quality, and look at what happened — they are reaping rewards. This has been a surprising September already (sure, based mostly on one film, but still) and there is quality to choose from. Considering theaters are squaring off against the new football season and seeing success spells out the surprise taking place on both sides of the entertainment line of scrimmage


1.  IT  – $60million

Following the amazing and record-setting opening week this is a supremely strong sophomore performance. Sporting a hefty screen average of $14,000, in just it’s second weekend this has now earned over $200million. Generally movies that open beyond the $100m plateau experience a drop off in the 60% range. This -51% drop is a sign of amazing strength and there is a very high ceiling for this sewer-dwelling clown.


CBS/Lionsgate attempts to launch a new action franchise based on the novels by the late author Vince Flynn. Instead of beginning at the start of Flynn’s book series the studios opted to adapt a later novel to use as the origin story for the character Mitch Rapp. This return is just about coming in at expectations, which makes the franchise-building a bit of a question. However when facing off against a powerhouse this has to be regarded as a positive result.



3. mother! – $7.5m
Highly respected director Darren Aronofsky had built up accolades in the festivals and had many critics hailing his newest release. However audiences have not simply disagreed – they have revolted. This polarizing film has earned the very rare grade of an “F” based on the exit poll Cinema Score ratings. This Jennifer Lawrence effort collapsed entirely, drawing only half of the projected box office take and becoming her worst wide release debut.


4. HOME AGAIN – $5.33m
Operating in the shadows of the killer clown this Reese Witherspoon romance effort is doing about as well as can be expected. It has actually added some screens this week and it has a tiny budget, so there is still a possibility of Open Road Films squeezing out profits by the end.


This comedic action piece is hanging around after it had enjoyed weeks at the top of a weak competitive field. Lionsgate kept the budget on this Ryan Reynolds project under control, so they should be in the green by the end of things.


The previous surprise horror effort it is impressive that it has lingered on the chart with “It” dominating the horror dollar. This sequel has exceeded the totals earned by its original and by next weekend will have cleared the $100million mark.



7.  WIND RIVER – $2.55m
The staggered release platform has paid off for The Weinstein Company as they had built this up to a top-10 performer that is legging out with respectable numbers against a modest budget.


8.  LEAP! – 2.11m
The lone family offering to be found is limping, rather than soaring. It has yet to pass the $20million line after 3 weeks in release. The studio is seeing a better performance with international theaters, drawing $80million in foreign ticket sales somehow.


While Peter Parker has fallen short of “Wonder Woman” here in the States, this title has surpassed Diana Prince globally, taking in $825million versus $817million.


10.  DUNKIRK – $1.3m
Just as it is ready to drift away from theaters this Christopher Nolan success has just crossed the international total of $500million.


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