The Emmy Awards -- Live Blogging Hollywwood's Minor League Ceremony!

The 2017 Emmy Awards Show
The 2017 Emmy Awards Show
The 2017 Emmy Awards Show


Refresh frequently throughout the night for up to the…fairly recent, at least, updates! RedState will be covering the prestigious ceremony celebrating the best Hollywood has to offer — in its television category.



My takeaway here is that Hollywood doesn’t care for our President. You pick up on trends in this industry, like that. And the way the entire entertainment body seems to embrace this show about the oppression of women in the future spells doom for us going forward; we’ll have to deal with the accusation of this tripe being our actual mindset for the next coming year.

Gird yourself. And have a glamorous night, Everyone!


“Handmaid’s Tale” wins yet again, this time as Best Series. Every speech has made a point to thank writer Margaret Atwood, which basically has to be interpreted as Hollywood being grateful that this work of dystopian FICTION, from the febrile mind of a lone author, can be applied as the working doctrine of an entire political party. This is the way the left operates; their fever-dream assumptions of others can become defacto character traits with just the right amount of insistence.


Nicole Kidman accepts her Emmy and declares how important it was to shine a light on domestic abuse. She said this right after detailing how much time away from her children she spent in making her show.


Donald Glover accepted his award and declared Trump is making black people the most oppressed race … as he, a black man, accepted a winning trophy in an industry of millionaires, in front of millions of people worldwide. You are free to feel sorry for this poor oppressed individual now.



(curious if the price of his tickets was declared to Congressional ethics officers)


During nomination announcements for Best Variety Show Direction I just realized that Jimmy Fallon has been completely shut out on the nominations. I guess Hollywood still has not forgiven him for that brief 6 minute segment on his show when he was not ugly and mean towards Trump. What petulant babies this crowd can be.


Word to all winners going forward: If you start prattling about social issues and disenfranchised demographic groups they will not play you off stage nearly as quickly as the past winners tonight.


Turns out the award for Best Writing of a Variety Series went to the show that best trashed Trump on a regular basis!

(Waiting to now find out which program gets named…)


There is a reunion of Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Jane Fonda from “9 to 5”, a motion picture that spawned a hit song…at the television Emmys. (Yes, I know there was a TV adaptation years later, you TV nerds.)


In a shock to no one, Alec Baldwin wins for portraying Trump on SNL. I wonder how much conflict these people are feeling tonight. They absolutely HATE this man in the White House, and here they are being rewarded entirely by riding on the coattails of the despised leader.



Get ready for more shorthand societal commentary on the horizon  — Best Writing for Drama went to “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Prepare for more accusations on how an agitprop novel written by an America-hating Canadian feminist articulately embodies the opinion of every single conservative male in this nation.



Saturday Night Live wins Best Variety Series. This season was a nearly unwatchable slog, with nothing but a series of layups instead of risky and biting commentary. Instead of dominating Trump and registering knockout blows the show went the Floyd Mayweather route, doing just enough to earn judges scores and earn a winning score at the end. But, don’t expect better content. The show’s ratings spiked this year following Trump’s election victory. Drawing crowds and being rewarded means only more mediocrity on the horizon.


John Lithgow won for his portrayal of Winston Churchill. The Vulture is on top of things, just to keep you appraised of what’s important.


Sean Spicer appeared in a rolling dais, as Melissa McCarthy had portrayed of him on SNL. The bit did not land. Hard to imagine that Spicer does not have good timing!




Kate McKinnon wins a trophy for her work on Saturday Night Live. This has all the feel of a “make up” award, following her losing a career of playing Hillary Clinton. In her thank speech she included Hillary, mentioning the woman’s “grace and grit”. I guess Kate has missed Hillary’s perpetual Blame Tour and new book explaining all the best Whines to pair with losing an election.


Colbert mentioning the star wattage in the room says, “There may be more movie stars here tonight, than people who actually went to the movies this summer!” This is a TV star trying to pick on Hollywood. Kinda sad, actually.


Colbert announces that Trump was television’s “biggest star”. In saying that Trump was nominated numerous times for “Celebrity Apprentice”, his never having won is what drove him to run for President. This  leads to the biggest pander of the night. Playing a clip of Trump saying he should have won an Emmy Colbert declares “Emmys go to the winner of the popular vote.”  Annnnnnnd that — sums up the low bar we’ll be clearing tonight.


“Everyone likes streaming video — just ask Ted Cruz!”

That is passing for trenchant commentary




Colbert banters with some actors before lapsing into a musical number that pedantically covers as many bases as possible. BUT THEN – he has a brief animated interlude with Archer, and they even drop a “Phrasing” in the bit. FINE, I’ll bump it up one letter grade. (C-)



While they were speaking with Vanessa Bayer from SNL I heard this professional performer, who specializes in live discourse, say “okay…like” more than a teen who is hopped up on 3 Dunkin Donuts iced mocha frappes.


Susan Sarandon is supposedly an avid ping pong player, and she was presented with some sort of paddles by the red carpet host from E!. She could barely feign excitement, nor gratitude — AND SHE’S A DAMNED ACTRESS!


Debra Messing is blathering away about certain TV shows, and struggling to remember, and correctly pronounce, the name of her designer. So if anyone was worried she may sound a little bit more lucid than her nonsensical tweeting, you can relax — she does not.


They just interviewed Millie Bobby Brown, from “Stranger Things”. She plays the character Eleven. They announced she is 13yrs old. I feel lied to!


In an effort to be topical, here is Donald Trump at the Emmys 11 years ago, making a mess in a way that only Trump can do.



Interviewing Leslie Jones, from Saturday Night Live, I learn she was nominated. I watched the entire season and she was in about 6 skits in total, it felt like. But hell, they torched Trump on a weekly basis, so OF COURSE the unfunny show garners 22 nominations.



In keeping with the drone-like insipid questioning, Here is “who I’m wearing”: The slacks are a denim cut by Levi Strauss, my BU hockey sweater is from Colosseum Athletics…and the bourbon glassware is by Makers Mark, of Louisville, Kentucky.





The stark difference here during the Red Carpet is how 2nd tier all the fashion appears to be, compared to the Oscars. No one is draped in $25K worth of diamonds, the designer names frequently have to be explained, and the glamor has more of an outlet mall pallor. The women look desperate to be noticed while the men look edgy and uncomfortable in their rented waiter outfits.



Tonight we await to see just how unhinged, untethered, and irrational our celebrity set has become. Following the election of Donald Trump our nation’s royalty has turned into a herd of distempered whiners. Following the hysterical onslaught of over reactionary Hollywood bleating during the early year awards shows this year’s celebration of television has a chance of delivering more lectures of how bad the 99.999% have it in today’s America.

Given that the ceremony is hosted by late night host Stephen Colbert the anti-Trump prolix is expected to be layered on thick, and often. The producers amusingly have stated this will be a politically reserved affairExpect less political humor from Colbert, they say, than The Late Show host delivers nightly on on his own program, and more jokes specific to the medium of television.


However their own dancing monkey has promised quite the opposite. “This is a night to celebrate television and there’s no bigger star on television in the last year than Donald Trump,” the late night host sniped. “If the president has any subjects he would like for me to joke about in the monologue, please, we are ready to celebrate you, sir!”

Cagey move, Steph-O. The Oscars spent copious minutes lashing out at the newly minted President, and it led to the lowest ratings for the telecast in a decade.



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