Bernie Sanders Blames Trump for Nazis, Bears No Responsibility for Shooting by His Follower


In his zeal to drape the noose of Nazi violence on President Trump Bernie Sanders has a convenient blind spot in his outrage.

Since the calamitous protest at the University of Virginia on Saturday it has been an avalanche of leftist outrage, hand-wringing, moral pontificating, and accusatory idiocy. Sure Donald Trump could not find the way to extricate himself from blame, but it is with tiresome audacity that the very crowd that bemoans anyone politicizing a negative occurrence on the Left cannot stop themselves from profiting politically today.


Bernie Sanders joined in the fray, not wanting to miss an opportunity to score  positive media. In a streetside interview he was queried about Saturday’s events, and he sternly laid the blame at the feet of President Trump.

Uh, sort of.

Sanders sent out a tweet with a brief video clip of himself holding court.  However his initial tweet bore these words:


Sanders amended this sentiment; he deleted that tweet and issued a new one, with a different message as the header, with the same video clip attached:

Now should this missive also become memory-holed here is the transcript of that video clip:

QUESTIONER: How much, if any, responsibility do you think the Trump administration has for conjuring that behavior?

BERNIE SANDERS: Look, I think it is when you have a President who doesn’t have the guts to say what the vast majority of the people understand to be true that white supremacy and neo-Nazism have got to be condemned – he can’t even do that. The message he is sending out to racists and neo-Nazis all over the country is ‘It’s okay, hey. In fact you heard some language to that.[from white supremacists]. ‘The President hasn’t condemned us. Why don’t we do more rallies? Why don’t we spread the word of white supremacy, and racism, and neo-Nazism?’ So do I think the President bears some responsibility for that? Absolutely, yes.


Quixotically the very words that Bernie deleted are right there in the video, captioned for our viewing pleasure.





It is with utter obliviousness that Bernie Sanders would even dare enter these waters. In June we all recall that Steve Scalise, and a number of other participants and security, came under fire from James Hodgkinson, who deliberately targeted GOP Congressman with the intent to kill.

Hodgkinson was an avowed leftist, and a former campaign worker for the Bernie Sanders Presidential effort. Telling that he had not been subjected to the incessant drumbeat of media players declaring boldly and loudly that he was directly responsible for that shooting.

Then again, Sanders is probably operating from the standpoint that he is safe from such journalistic reprisals. He is probably correct in doing so.


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