The Nazi March Through University of Virginia, Sponsored by “Fiesta Warehouse”



When the jack-boot brown-shirt white-power alt-right demands to be taken seriously they become a living punchline instead.

It has become a shorthand cultural reference, the outrage mob gathering with torches and pitchforks to express disdain for some sort of societal inequity. The imagery is such that it displays a crowd of overreactive members of the insipid gentry demanding an irrational solution as it has succumbed to debased groupthink. This caricature calls into question the pragmatism of any group that actually sets out to emulate this image for its cause.


Welcome to Unite the Right, a gathering of supremacist-leaning groups coming together for a cause of racial purity — and apparently virginity. Ahead of Saturday’s rally, where the groups claim they are being persecuted for being white, they staged the march through the campus of the University of Virginia.

Brilliant. Stage your Holsum White Bread gathering on the campus founded by Thomas Jefferson, famed for his love affairs with female POCs.

These extreme basement-dwellers seemingly stocked up for their march by storming the local Party City locations to buy out their supply of tiki party torches.


The supposed purpose of this March, and the ensuing rally, is outrage that the state has elected to move a statue of Civil War figure Robert E. Lee. There have been court cases by the group, in tandem with the ACLU, battling the state over the act, and over the right for the group to assemble, and where. However it seemed this became a tangential issue for the white males last night.

Chants rose from the citronella-scented mob:
“White Lives Matter”
“You Will Not Replace Us”
“Jews Will Not Replace Us”

(I presume Jews were behind the statue relocation…???)

On social media some wan defenses were offered that this was not a “Nazi Protest”, and that it was #FakeNews to report on the march in this fashion.


Yea, about that —


One other chant was bellowed into the night as well: “Blood & Soil”. This is a direct link to the Nazi party of the 1920s, which gave rise to Adolph. But sure, this was all about the placement of a historical statue in the commons.

Gird yourself for the coming weeks, as the Gestapo imagery offered up last night will be used to smear all members of groups possible, from Donald Trump, Republicans, the conservative right, whites, and just about any other group that can be connected to this Conglomeration of Dunces. Hell, anyone with wicker flame sticks in their back yards may be accused of ethnic cleansing, as a result!

As for me, I know where I’m drawing the line!



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