Women’s March Shoots Themselves in the Foot Supporting a Murderer



Why Feminists insist on promoting the dregs of society to forward their agenda is forever a mystery.

It has been a quixotic year for the Women’s March. The feminists activist organization has been in the news somewhat consistently, but not all of the coverage has landed in the POSITIVE category.


Like a female party guest who has an emotional meltdown before vomiting whipped cream-flavored vodka in the aquarium, the Women’s March is of the opinion there is no such thing as negative news, so long as people are talking about you. The organization behaves as if they are impervious to negative press, even going so far to defending itself to risible levels.

On Sunday the organization tweeted out a well-wishing birthday announcement to someone it considers a feminist icon, Assata Shakur.

If you are unfamiliar with Assata’s history, Tupac’s aunt was a left wing activist with ties at time to The Black Panthers, and Black Liberation Army. She was suspected and charged with numerous crimes and was ultimately convicted to a life sentence for the execution-style murder of a New Jersey State Trooper. Two years following her incarceration she escaped federal prison and was a fugitive for years before fleeing to Cuba for political asylum.

That the feminist leadership has attached itself to yet another virulently controversial figure is no longer a surprise. They have wrapped their magenta-draped arms around the likes of Linda Sarsour and her affection for female-degrading Sharia, Palestinian sympathizer Rasmea Odeh who has killed Jewish students, and Donna Hylton who has been convicted of the kidnapping, torture, and murder of a gay New York Lawyer. So, what’s another murderous mouthpiece to distance them from middle America?!


But the real amusement arrives in the manner that Women’s March attempted to explain itself for supporting this polarizing woman. After receiving significant backlash for its birthday blessing the organization offered up a lengthy Twitter rebuttal, which only managed to deepen its hole of confusion. The more the group tries to justify the more it sounds unfamiliar with logic and common sense.


Women’s March is a nonviolent movement. We have never and will never use violence to achieve our goals. (1/20)

— Note the carefully employed use of “use” here. They don’t use violence, but they have no qualm using so many celebrated speakers and leaders with violent pasts, or promote retrograde political systems that permit violence upon women.


The far right is threatened by our movement, and by our solidarity with other movements. (2/20)

— We will not be given an explanation how reporting on the violent past of featured leaders, or pointing out the hypocrisy of supporting anti-feminist movements, becomes proof of the right being “threatened”.


Our power—your power—scares the far right. They continue to try to divide us. Today’s attacks on #AssataShakur are the latest example (3/20)

— This is one of the most used, and most impotent, canards from the feminists. Conservatives are supposedly frightened by powerful women, despite the preponderance of strong conservative women. In fact, ours are actually far stronger due to realizing achievement while not being propped up by hectoring leftist organizations.



Here is a brief refresher on who #AssataShakur is and why we consider her a feminist figure: (4/20)

#AssataShakur is a civil rights leader who used her leadership position to challenge sexism within the Black Liberation Movement. (5/20)

#AssataShakur’s resistance tactics were different from ours. That does not mean that we do not respect her anti-sexism work. (6/20)

— It does mean that you ignore items such as her involvement in killing a state trooper, becoming a fugitive who fled to an enemy nation, and became a listed terrorist.


#AssataShakur took a militant approach. We do not. That does not mean we don’t respect and appreciate her anti-racism work. (7/20)

— Uh, yes you do take a militant approach. Your organization has excluded pro-life women from your events. And you do so while in support of individuals who DO take a militant approach.


Like many activists during the 60s and 70s, #AssataShakur was under constant FBI surveillance through a program called COINTELPRO. (8/20)

— Sure; executing law enforcement members tends to draw that kind of attention.


Via @ACLU: COINTELPRO was “an effort to suppress domestic political dissent through an array of illegal activities.” (9/20)

— Still no outrage however for the illegal activity of murder, I notice.



COINTELPRO used illegal techniques to monitor & discredit civil rights groups and even kill civil rights leaders like Fred Hampton. (10/20)

— I’m confused; what exactly does this detail have to do with feminism? And how does it exactly excuse away the fact Shakur murdered a trooper???


COINTELPRO targeted MLK until his assassination. Once he was killed & no longer a threat to FBI, they went after the Black Panthers. (11/20)

— The FBI murdered Martin Luther King Jr.?!?!? Does the Women’s March sell pink tinfoil conspiracy hats as well?


COINTELPRO repeatedly tried to imprison Assata, attempting to link her to every east coast bank robbery involving a Black woman. (12/20)

This is the terrifying climate #AssataShakur’s resistance work took place in—when the govt was killing her friends and colleagues. (13/20)

— So we are going to blame Shakur’s crimes on the climate she had to endure. Her actual crime is excusable, meanwhile men are being charged as “guilty” of rape for merely staring at a woman.


In 1973, #AssataShakur was involved in a shoot-out in which she was wounded & a NJ State Trooper & several of her colleagues killed. (14/20)

Assata was arrested, tortured and charged for the death of the State Trooper. As further punishment, she was held in a men’s prison. (15/20)


— Penal patriarchy is grievous.


We see the decision to place Assata in a men’s prison as state-sponsored sexual assault—using rape as legal punishment for a crime. (16/20)

After two years, #AssataShakur escaped from prison. She has been living with political asylum in Cuba ever since. (17/20)

— Fugitive from a life sentence for murder flees to a communist nation for asylum — but she did a few great female things, so we’re totes cool with it overall!


In 2013, #AssataShakur became the first woman added to the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists list. She’d been implicated in no new crimes. (18/20)

We say all this not to say that #AssataShakur has never committed a crime, and not to endorse all of her actions. (19/20)

— No, you say that to justify using a left-wing iconic figure for fundraising purposes.


We say this to demonstrate the ongoing history of government & right-wing attempts to criminalize and discredit political activists. (20/20)

— “Attempts” by the government and the right-wing to criminalize someone … who is a convicted criminal.


The laughable aspect in all of this is the desperate lurch by this outfit to justify supporting a murderous fugitive from justice only pushes them further to the extreme. They are now further out on the left wing, and they have distanced themselves from those women they hope to draw in to their cause.


Excluding the pro-life women, while promoting homicidal icons, is the opposite of representing all women; it is the forwarding of an extremist agenda.


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