Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Horrible at Spycraft, Great at Court Violations



On the national stage, or in Federal Court, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is at least consistent at being inept and corrupt.


In a Southern District court filing yesterday, June 1, in Fort Lauderdale the Miami-based lawyer Elizabeth Lee Beck reported an incident taking place with her firm. Beck is currently embroiled in a case against the Democratic National Committee, alleging collusion between the DNC and Hillary Clinton regarding last year’s election.



According to the document some mid-to-lower-lever drama played out regarding the case. A series of events transpired that carry all the intrigue and subterfuge found in your average political thriller motion picture…or, more descriptively, the ineptitude found in an episode of “Archer”.  


  • At 4:54 pm a call was received at the offices of Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers, counsel for the plaintiffs in the case.

  • The caller gave no name or personal information. Using an electronic voice-change modulator the caller proceeded to ask questions pertaining to the DNC court case.

  • The only information relayed to the anonymous caller was of a public nature.

  • The call concluded without any knowledge of the origin of the call being known.


That is, until the receptionist at Beck & Lee made a bold masterstroke move of counter-intelligence: She checked the Caller ID on the phone.


Indeed, the individual(s) who endeavored to mask their identity by digitally manipulating their vocal intonations failed to have the foresight to disable the numeric-identifier on their phone. A brief exploration of the number revealed the call originated in the nearby Aventura offices of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.



Now my vast experience with direct-to-video movie thrillers informs me that there are only two nefarious instances when people use a voice changer in this nature; it is either to deliver potentially incriminating inside information, or to surreptitiously glean classified intel. Either being the case, Debbie Wasserman – who is named as a defendant in the lawsuit — has certainly committed an actionable offense. Contact of this sort between parties of an ongoing litigation needs to take place between counsel.


Additionally, our in-house RedState legal team has described this action in other terms: “flat out weird.” Being that I am not up on my Latin I take it on faith this means the call is legally dicey.


It has been a tough few weeks for the former head of the DNC. Hillary Clinton recently intimated that the DNC completely handicapped her campaign by being insolvent and giving her insufficient data for her campaign. (Hillary then hiring Wasserman to her campaign staff looks like an even more puzzling decision.) Ms. Schultz is also being investigated by The House for regular network security violations. Her office equipment had been seized, and she testified that her longterm violations of security protocols, leading to the infamous DNC hack, was actually the blame of The House — it is not her fault that nobody stopped her from violating policy, you see.



Now it appears DWS has taken that cyber-rattling incompetence to the federal court system. We will have to see if the courts are as lenient with her perpetual ineptitude during her career of failing upwards.


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