Theater Discriminates for Planned Parenthood During Wonder Woman Screenings




The New York City location of the Alamo Drafthouse Theater announced it would stage a females-only screening of the upcoming Gal Gadot film “Wonder Woman”. To add to the empowerment The Alamo states the proceeds of the ticket sales will be going to Planned Parenthood.







Immediately one thing springs to  mind: This is blatantly exclusionary! What about those who self-identify as female? What about those transitioning at the time of the screening? What about the other 50+ genders that may wish to attend? The theater responded to this thorny issue: “Want to clarify these WONDER WOMAN screenings include any of our guests who  identify as women as well.

Based on recent feminist marches I’m relatively certain that they will not be open to those women who self-identify as “pro-life”.


Let me just say,  I think this is a masterstroke of marketing on behalf of Alamo. They were sure to generate some media attention by simply staging such a viewing, and any ensuing controversy would only lead to more exposure. (The theater has in fact announced a second screening of this nature.) What is striking about this move however — apart from the disturbing linkage to the PPFA baby mills — is the layers of hypocrisy. And the leftists are exposing themselves.


Feminists are crowing about the event, given the empowerment they are projecting onto the film. They think it is wonderful to have an all-girl audience for this movie, and then rolling in the abortion angle only makes it more of a feminist property. However the groups that see a  nefarious angle in all aspects of society towards gender, and rails that discriminating based on sex is the most vile act in our nation, applaud an event being blatantly sexist and discriminatory.



This is a consistent flaw  in the activist mindset; complaints about particular behavior fall on deaf ears once you engage in and promote that very behavior. Don’t tell me how wrong and toxic it is to discriminate on gender, and then promote a gender-exclusive event. It shows you are really not that upset about this behavior. However the ladies persisted in promoting this as a wonderful event. Then conservative writer Stephen Miller made an announcement on his twitter timeline line that he purchased a ticket to the special all-female screening, and the sparks and springs started to fly.




His timeline flooded with females enraged that he dare engage in this commerce. The amusing part was how many of the reactions centered around Miller being a “man-baby”, and/or being incapable of acting like an adult. Lost on those flaming his timeline was the fact they were having an existential meltdown over the fact that he merely purchased a movie ticket.


At issue in all of this is that we are seeing activists promoting a business staging exclusionary commerce. Over the past few years those same activists wielded statist power against this very practice. Recall the Sweet Cakes Bakery controversy, where a private business was fined heavily for declining to provide service for a gay wedding. Similar cases erupted around photographer and florist refusals of services, with the activist set wailing about the discrimination at play.



Yet here they are promoting and applauding a business declaring it will turn away one half of all potential patrons, based solely on gender. This is something in direct violation of New York City ordinance:




This is the residual effect of years of social engineering. Applauding the acts they have deemed as “toxic”, wailing when a male dares to engage in the rights of commerce they have fought for, and complaining when the standards they forced on others  may actually be  applied to them in equal fashion.


The emotional reactions to this are hardly what anyone would call “heroic”.


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