The RedState Box Office Report


Quite a dismal weekend for debuts embarking on their trip into theaters. New arrivals this week concerned characters involved with great travels, but they failed to leave the station against an epic trek across the universe.

Marvel’s latest juggernaut was not remotely challenged this week by a pair of misguided releases. Lost in much of the hype of huge numbers and masses of crowds turning up for summer blockbusters is the stumbling that occurs with the also-rans which fail to attract much attention.

  1.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — $63 million

This was a solid second week compared to other Marvel first sequels, ranking as the second best hold, flirting with the best sequel sophomore session. With debuts peforming poorly there was likely second and third time ticket buyers boosting support.

  1. Snatched — $17.5m

As I predicted on Friday this new Amy Schumer attempt failed to even hit the $20m mark. Very weak reviews, and the apparent sparse comedy found in this romp was hurt further by critics upset at the xenophobia and other social aggressions on screen. When you lose even the leftist journalists prospects for your film are dim.

  1. King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword — $14.7m

Rather questionable there would be an audience for a stylized retelling starring the guy from “Sons of Anarchy”. Heading into the weekend there was already lowered expectations for this Guy Ritchie version of the British legend, which indicated trouble. This result comes in even ten million below those dismal projections. Warner Brothers was looking at this enterprise to become a new franchise. Sporting a $175 million budget we are looking at an unmistakable disaster.

  1.  The Fate  of the Furious — $5.3m

Already a monstrous hit, this latest version is creeping upon the global  box office haul of $1.2 billion. Universal is likely scouting out The Disney channel for performers who will appear in “Furious 25”.

  1.  The Boss Baby — $4.6m

Still crawling along, this unlikely hit Crossed $160 million domestic, but has an even bigger surprise; it nearly doubled that amount overseas.

  1. Beauty and the Beast  $3.86m

Never underestimate the attraction of talking furniture — Over 2 months in release and still drawing. A sign of strength is after all that time it still has over one half of the theaters from it’s opening.

  1. How To Be a Latin Lover — $3.75m

Quite the surprise for this independent to still manage top-ten numbers after three weeks. Lionsgate will surely keep partnering with the small Latin-American company Pantelion.

  1.  Lowriders  — $2.41m

Another Latino independent film, OR is it another car-centric title? It can be two things!

  1.  The Circle — $1.74m

Bearing all the markings of a doomed release. After just 2 weeks it dropped over 1,000 screens as exhibitors gave up.

  1. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion — $1.55m

While showing in only 375 theaters, the screen average was third best of the week, beating “King Arthur”. Sorry Mr. Ritchie – that just hurts!

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