Director Tom Ford the Rare Celebrity Moving Back to America Because of Trump


The film director/fashion designer is moving from Great Britain since Trump’s Election “Made Me Feel More Nationalistic”.

In the months leading up to the national election we heard from a number of celebrities preening that the prospect of a Donald Trump victory meant they would flee the country for more inviting locales. Predictably these were all shown to be hollow pledges, as none of them actually followed through on their promise/threat/PR stunt.


That is why it should be highlighted when one of their troupe not only actually keeps the relocation promise, but does so in opposition to the histrionics of the mass celebrity tantrum-throwers. The Trump election did not send Ford into microphone shouting posturing; he took action by relocating TO the U.S. of A.

“Oddly,” said Tom Ford about Trump’s Presidency, “it made me want to come back even more.” The fashion designer turned movie director/writer gave an interview to Women’s Wear Daily and announced he recently purchased a home in Los Angeles, as well as leasing new offices for a sector of his fashion empire.

We have a tremendous number of people in this country who feel disenfranchised and clearly we are not relating to or speaking to them. I am at my core American, and it made me want to come back. It didn’t make me want to run away.

Now, this should not be read as Tom doing so because he was positively moved by the new President. Ford, after all, had a bit of a dust-up concerning the new occupants of the White House. Just after the election the fashion titan announced on the talk show The View he would not be creating a gown for the new First Lady. As he gave a rather reasoned explanation, and stated he would not have been creating for Hillary either, the press leaped at the supposed snub, extrapolating it into something bigger.

Looking at Ford’s words however you can see the elitism beginning to creep into his reasoning. “I think when you sense that there is a divide in your country and that there are people who perhaps you’re not relating to, and that those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a world of very liberal human rights and privilege, it’s a wake-up call.


There you have it; his liberal enlightenment is a privilege. He wants to reach out to those in fly-over country who are not nearly as “woke” as his learned brethren. Yet even this ivory tower platitude doesn’t hold up. Despite the lecture Ford actually revealed an even shallower reason for his move from Britain after 18 years.

He refers to his former home as “Dark London”, before this nugget. “I grew up in the American West. The older I get, the more pulled back I am to more rural.” Los Angeles, it can now be said is “rural”. “I need sunshine. L.A. is the least city of all cities.”

But given those factors do not exactly elicit respectful head-nodding from the media and other entertainment dignitaries, go ahead condemn the new administration. That should bolster your pedigree in your new rural metropolis.



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