NEW: Rumblings From Inside the Biden Campaign Range From Delusional to Despondent

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The campaign season may not be that old, but it's not that young either. Time is ticking away for the Biden campaign as it faces continued headwinds. The president's approval rating hit another all-time low in June, clocking in at just 37.4 percent, and there's no relief on the horizon.


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So how are the various handlers surrounding Biden handling their current situation? A new report paints a bleak picture as responses range from delusional to despondent. We'll start with the former. 

In other words, the strategy from Biden's top aide appears to be sipping a cup of coffee while the world burns. It's the "this is fine" meme come to life. 

Are Americans simply slumbering right now, ready to spring into action to "save democracy" by voting for a senile old man who has produced the worst results of any president in modern history? I'd posit that's unlikely. As I said at the beginning of this article, the campaign isn't that young. Yeah, it's mid-June, but the first debate is less than two weeks away, and shouting about January 6th isn't exactly a novel concept. 


Others in Biden's orbit are more concerned about the inner circle's assurances that everything happening right now is a mirage.

What they're saying: A Democratic strategist in touch with the campaign told Axios: "It is unclear to many of us watching from the outside whether the president and his core team realize how dire the situation is right now, and whether they even have a plan to fix it. That is scary."

  • People close to the president told Axios they worry about raising concerns in meetings because Biden's group of longtime loyal aides can exile dissenters.
  • "Even for those close to the center, there is a hesitance to raise skepticism or doubt about the current path, for fear of being viewed as disloyal," a person in Biden's orbit told Axios, speaking on condition of anonymity because of those dynamics.
  • "There is not a discussion that a change of course is needed."

The man who can't remember the names of his cabinet members and mumbles incoherently while speaking appears to have such a heavy hand that his advisors are scared even to suggest a change in strategy. That despite poll after poll showing that Biden is legitimately floundering against Donald Trump. The article also mentions that Jill Biden is leading the way in keeping everything insular around the president. 


Here's the thing with problems. You can't fix them if you don't admit they exist, and Democrats seem content to go down with the ship mumbling about "democracy" and believing that Americans don't care about their actual well-being, including what's in their wallets. I can't see that working out very well, but we'll see.



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