Dylan Mulvaney's 'Non-Binary' Hairstylist Visits the White House, Absolute Cringe Follows

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It seems like an eternity ago, but there was a point during the 2020 presidential election when Joe Biden promised to restore "normalcy" and "decency" to the White House. As the narrative went, Trump had introduced an air of chaos and supposed immorality that could only be corrected by the restoration of a Democrat to the office.

It was nonsense then, and it is even more nonsense now. Kamala Harris made that abundantly clear recently when she hosted Dylan Mulvaney's "non-binary" hairstylist at the White House as part of a "pride month" celebration. 

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Do you feel the norms being restored? 

The man with a beard wearing a dress is Jonathan Van Ness, a cast member of the show "Queer Eye," which is a Netflix reboot of a mid-2000s show called "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." Harris announced the meeting on social media. 

Van Ness also appeared in the White House briefing room.

I could go in a lot of different directions from here. Do I have personal objections to the idea that a man can become "non-binary" and that he should then be able to go by "they/she/he" pronouns? Of course. I think it's unscientific garbage that shows the ever-growing depravity of society. Mental illness should be treated, not affirmed. 

Regardless, let's put all that aside because someone will inevitably disagree with me. What is undeniable, though, is just how screwed up the priorities of this White House are. 

When 13 servicemembers were killed in Afghanistan due to the incompetence of the Biden administration, none of their family members received a personal invite to the White House. Likewise, not a single parent of the recent rash of women murdered by illegal immigrants has gotten to visit the White House briefing room. No victims of the Maui fire have been given a personal tour of the presidential library.

But if you're mentally ill enough to think you're "non-binary," then the Biden administration will not only invite you, but they will plaster your visit all over social media as well. Is that really what the United States has become? Perhaps so, and it shows just how screwed up the incentive structure is.



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