New Polling Out of Gaza and the West Bank Paints a Grim Picture of the Future

AP Photo/Khalil Hamra

Have the last eight months of self-inflicted war driven by Hamas' brutality taught Palestinians anything? The answer appears to be "no," with fresh polling painting a grim picture of the future. 


According to the results, 67 percent still support the October 7th attacks despite the heavy consequences paid. Further, an astonishing 61 percent want Hamas to remain the governing authority of Gaza. 

The story here is not so much the results but the delusion behind them. You'll notice that it is residents of the West Bank that are most supportive of Hamas and October 7th. That's notable because they have had to pay none of the costs for that attack. Those in the West Bank live in a reasonably secure area (thanks to the IDF) with a higher standard of living than Gazans, but their instinct is still murderous terrorism and support for Hamas. 

What does that say about the prospect of long-term peace?

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It's incredible to see that 65 percent of Palestinians do not want a so-called "two-state solution" despite that being the demand of nearly every left-wing Western politician. But if they don't want a two-state solution, what do they want? The other two results provide the answer. 


Palestinians truly believe that they can defeat Israel, kill all the Jews, and take over the entirety of Israel. That has been their pipe dream going back to 1948, and it continues to be engrained into the populace of Gaza and the West Bank to this day. A whopping 67 percent of Palestinians also think they will "win the war" currently raging. 

I suppose that's arguable depending on how you define victory. If Israel were to accept something akin to the White House ceasefire deal, which kept Hamas in power while spending billions to rebuild Gaza, then I suppose that would be winning the war in a sense. Still, I don't think that's what Palestinians have in mind. Rather, they see winning as the total destruction of Israel, and that's apparent when you take all their responses in context. 

This is why there will likely never be a lasting peace. Instead of seeking some semblance of civilization, Palestinians are content to keep perpetuating their death cult. The uncomfortable reality is that not all cultures are created equal. They don't all long for freedom, and they aren't all bent toward basic human morality.



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