WATCH: Incredible Helmet-Cam Footage of Israeli Forces Rescuing the Hostages

Israel Defense Forces via AP

On Saturday morning, four hostages were successfully extracted from two different apartments in Nuseirat, having been held by "civilians" at the behest of Hamas. Now, helmet-cam footage of the daring rescue operation that occurred in Gaza has been released.


As RedState reported, one of those holding the hostages captive was a "journalist" who worked for an American-based non-profit called the Palestinian Chronicle. Much debate has ensued about just how many "civilians" were involved.

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In the newly revealed footage, you can see Israeli operators breaching an upper-level apartment as controlled chaos unfolds. Rooms are cleared, and you can see several men in shorts and shirts taking cover as words are exchanged. 

I'm not sure if the men seen in the video are some of the hostages or are those who were holding them captive. Regardless, it's a harrowing scene. Later, you see one Israeli soldier taking cover under a tree as they rush the hostages across an open area. This was a heroic effort and one that took considerable courage to carry out in broad daylight.

In another video also released on Monday, you can see the hostages being loaded onto a helicopter for extraction. 


It's hard to believe that some are criticizing Israel for doing what it had to do to rescue these people. That's exactly what's happening, though, with the international press accepting Hamas' claims of a "massacre" uncritically. How many were killed during the operation, and how many of those killed were combatants firing on the Israelis? No one actually knows, but I'd suspect the numbers Hamas put out are nowhere near the truth.


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