Horrifying Footage of Teenagers Hamas Took Hostage on October 7th Released (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)

AP Photo/Hassan Eslaiah

Israel has released footage taken by members of Hamas showing them taunting and abusing five teenagers taken during the October 7th attack. Several of the victims are visibly injured and bleeding. Hamas fighters and others (at one point, a Palestinian woman interjects) can be heard shouting and suggesting they intend to rape the women. 


WARNING: The footage below is disgusting and disturbing. As necessary as I believe it is for people to see who Hamas is with their own eyes, viewer discretion is advised.

It shows one terrorist pointing at Karina, still in her Snoopy pyjamas having been snatched from her bed, and saying: 'Here are the girls, women, who can get pregnant. These are the Zionists.'

He adds chillingly in Arabic: 'You are so beautiful.'

You may recognize the teenager on the far left. Video of her being taken out of the back of an SUV went viral on October 7th, becoming one of the symbols of Hamas brutality. In that footage, you could see her backside was bloodied in a particular location, suggesting she had been violently raped. 

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The names of the hostages are as follows. 

The parents of Liri Albag 19, Naama Levy 19, Daniela Gilboa 20, Agam Berger 19 and Karina Ariev 19, have taken the agonising decision to release the footage (pictured) as their daughters still remain hostages over seven months later. One of the Hamas terrorists seen holding them captive in the video (pictured) is heard telling the women 'You are so beautiful'


At one point, one of the hostages says she has Palestinian friends, noting she did charity work for people in Gaza. That fell on deaf ears as the Hamas fighters called her a dog and continued screaming at her. There's a certain naivete in her statement given these terrorists simply do not care. One of the great ironies of October 7th is that many of those killed or taken hostage were more progressive and in support of a Palestinian state. That's mostly who lived in the kibbutzim bordering Gaza. 

But again, Hamas doesn't care. They operate like animals, and that's why they must be destroyed. Any calls to stop short and allow Hamas to maintain any organizational structure, much less political control, should be a non-starter for Israel. They must finish the job. 


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