Joe Biden's Medal of Freedom Ceremony Goes South As His Brain Fries and He Slurs Uncontrollably

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden held a Medal of Freedom ceremony on Friday in which he awarded standouts like John Kerry, Al Gore, and Nancy Pelosi with America's highest civilian honor. What did they do to deserve such a reward? The answer is nothing, but they have been radical leftists, and that was enough. 


As with any public appearance by Biden, the event offered ample evidence of his senility. At one point, he appeared to forget what he was there for, perhaps mistakenly thinking he was awarding the Medal of Honor to someone.

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That was just the warm-up, though. In multiple instances, the president's jumbo-sized teleprompter just wasn't enough.

Look at his eyes in this next clip. You can see him squinting to make out the words after he calls Michelle Yeoh, an actress, "Michael Yeoh." He also called the Paris Olympics the "Paralympics" because he slurs his words so much.

The leader of the free world, ladies and gentlemen.


How could he get any worse, you might be asking? Well, ask and you shall receive because the end of the ceremony took things to another level. Biden misidentified the medal he was giving out twice in the span of a few minutes.

No worries. He's fine. It's fine. He doesn't know what medal he's giving out at a ceremony specifically designated to giving out a specific medal. We are assured, though, that he's so mentally fit he runs laps around his staff. What does that say about his handlers? 

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Then there was this last clip, which is my personal favorite. It combines all the worst aspects of Biden's senility into just a few seconds. From the slurring of his words to the incoherent mumbling to the attempts at jokes that make no sense and don't land, it's a master class in why the president has no business being the president. 


You've gotta love how one guy forces out a laugh at the end while most of the room remains silent. I'd assume they were just as uncomfortable watching that performance as I was. As bad as it looks on film, imagine seeing it in person. 

We've got at least nine more months (and possibly a lot longer) of this, so buckle up. 



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