Biden Starts Yapping at the Teleprompter Guy During Confused and Embarrassing Speech

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

Another day, another confused and embarrassing performance from the current White House resident. 

Greek Independence Day was the occasion on Thursday, with Joe Biden hosting a reception in the East Room. Why Greek Independence Day is an event worthy of a White House reception wasn't immediately clear, and neither was anything the president said. 


Right on cue, Biden did his faux Forrest Gump routine where he inserts himself into every aspect of every culture. It's fitting that just two days before this speech, the president repeated a tall tale about being raised by the Puerto Rican community. Biden has also made similar claims regarding the Jewish and Black communities. There's almost no ethnicity he won't appropriate in some manner.

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I'm not sure what the president is asserting there. Does he mean electorally? Did those of Greek descent in America vote overwhelmingly for him in the 2020 election? Admittedly, I couldn't find data that granular to confirm or disprove his statement, but most likely, it's just more mindless pandering from a man desperate to turn his fortunes around heading into November. 

Past that, this speech offered a peek behind the curtain, when Biden started talking to his teleprompter guy after yet another bout of brain breakage. 


I've been following politics for a long time, and I've never seen a president have to order their teleprompter operator to roll the script back. Nothing is surprising when it comes to Biden's mental decline, though, which was made very apparent as he kept talking. 

When he does the "lean-in" toward the microphone, you know things are about to get weird. Although, can you really call it weird at this point, when these examples of senility are so prevalent? This is normal for Biden, which is why it's so concerning. 

Lastly, it wouldn't be a Biden speech without him repeating a lie he's worn out like an old catcher's mitt. This time, he went with an old mainstay: The falsehood that he traveled "17,000 miles" with Xi Jinping and stood with him on the Tibetan plateau.

RedState has debunked that claim multiple times. It simply didn't happen, but that hasn't stopped the president from telling the story over and over. He's told it so many times that even The Washington Post couldn't ignore it any longer and offered a correction.


A White House official conceded that Biden’s line of “traveling with” Xi is not accurate. “This was a reference to the total travel back and forth — both internally in the U.S. and China, and as well as internationally — for meetings they held together,” he said. “Some travel was in parallel, some was separately to joint destinations.”

Try as we could, however, we still could not get the travel to add up to 17,000 miles.

No harm, no foul, though. When there are no consequences, there's no incentive to stop. Biden will keep putting on these ridiculous performances until voters force him out of office. 



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