The Mystery of Biden's New Boat Anchor Shoes Has Been Solved, and It's Worse Than Speculated

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The mystery of Joe Biden's new boat anchor shoes has been solved, and the answer is bad news for the country. 

As RedState reported last Wednesday, Biden was filmed stumbling across the South Lawn. That's not an unusual sight these days, but it was what was on his feet that left people asking questions.


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A year prior, the president's handlers had switched him to "dress sneakers," i.e. dress shoes with a sole more akin to a tennis shoe. That came after a series of falls, including while boarding Air Force One and while giving a commencement speech at the U.S. Air Force Academy. 

When Biden came strutting across the lawn on Wednesday, though, something was different. Despite being in a full suit, he appeared to wearing comically large shoes that didn't look like "dress sneakers." Were they just a new brand or had things escalated further?

The mystery has now been solved. Behold, the leader of the free world.

In the video, there's a zoomed-in still shot of the shoes. They are oversized Hoka-branded tennis shoes that look like they were made with big enough soles to balance a whale on top of. There's a large overhand coming off the back presumably meant to keep Biden from tipping over backwards. 

Now, look, I understand I might be getting myself in trouble here because some of you may have Hokas. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing inherently wrong with wearing them to exercise in, which is their primary use for everyone I know who owns them. That's not what's happening here, though. The President of the United States has to wear giant-soled tennis shoes just to walk across the grass to board a helicopter. He's wearing them with suits, not workout clothes.


During Inside Edition's report, they mention that the shoes are designed for "maximum stability." That's true, which speaks to just how bad things have gotten for Biden. If he were wearing them when he walked around his Delaware property, no one would bat an eye. The fact that he's having to wear these things in formal situations hits differently, though. 

The country is now at the place where its current president can't walk properly without special shoes. What's next? A cane? A golf cart ride out to the helicopter? And even then, that wouldn't matter if it wasn't coupled with Biden's senility. He's both physically and mentally deteriorating before our eyes. Yet, he's running to lead the country for another four years. There's just no way.  



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