Joe Biden's Upper Wears Off, Leading to an Absolutely Disastrous Appearance in PA

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Many have speculated that Joe Biden was hopped up on something during Thursday's State of the Union. Whatever stimulation he received before taking the podium, it wasn't enough to stop him from calling Laken Riley by the wrong name and proclaiming that women have "electrical power," among other flubs.


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Somehow, things managed to get much worse on Friday. After an ill-advised impromptu presser on the tarmac of Joint Base Andrews, the president traveled to Pennsylvania for a campaign rally. Let's just say the upper wore off, leading to perhaps his most senile speech yet.

Watching that, all I can do is let out a long, slow sigh. This guy is the President of the United States, and he doesn't even know what office he's running for. "Send me to Congress," Biden proclaims to the crowd, apparently unaware that he hasn't been a member of that body in well over a decade. The president was also a senator from Delaware, so how Pennsylvania could send him to Congress at any point in his career is a bit of a mystery. 

We aren't done yet, though. Strap in because when I say this may be a new high-water mark for Biden's senility, I plan to provide evidence of that. 

Biden wants January 6th to be a centerpiece of his reelection campaign. It was one of the first things he mentioned during his latest State of the Union, comparing the "threat to democracy" facing America to Adolf Hitler and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  Due to his mental incompetence, though, he can't even get the date right while trying to rant about it. 


Next up is the president's patented "lean in and whisper" technique, coupled with yet another bout of brain breakage.

This is a variant of the anecdote Biden has told a few times in the recent past. As he tells it, world leaders are so terrified of Trump that they are telling the current president that he has to win the election. Once again, though, Biden manages to screw things up, stating that they are saying "you can't win again." 

Perhaps that was a Freudian slip? Certainly, this next example was. 

Finally, some honesty from the White House resident. In the past, the president has claimed he "cut the deficit in half," ignoring that there's nothing laudable about growing the deficit and then reducing it to a still nearly historic high. In this case, Biden didn't come close to getting the talking point right, but in using the term "debt" and saying he "added more" to it than "any president" in all of history. 

At another point, the president forgot what the Federal Reserve is called, and oddly enough, this may have been his most sentient moment of the night. 


The only thing I can figure is that Biden's handlers got cocky after his moderately coherent (but still hamfisted and mistake-filled) speech the night before. That was a mistake because whatever his supporters claim he "proved" during the State of the Union about his mental acuity, that was all reversed during this appearance. I'm sure he'll manage to one-up himself soon enough, but man was it a testament to just how far gone Biden is.



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