Joe Biden's Collapse Escalates With Angry, Deranged Demand From the Nation's Largest Teachers Union

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I'd think Joe Biden has to be sitting around wondering how he managed to put himself in his current position, but I'm not sure he even has the cognitive ability to process how bad things are. We've all seen the polls, which will likely tighten in a general election, but other factors are at play as well.


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The latest flashing red light comes courtesy of the National Education Association (NEA), the nation's largest teachers union. A far-left entity that has long served as a lynchpin for Democrat politicians, its members are now demanding Biden show support for Palestinian terrorists lest he lose their endorsement. 

A rank-and-file campaign inside the National Education Association is demanding the president stop “sending military funding, equipment, and intelligence to Israel.”

When Israel escalated its military operations against Gaza in October, Rahaf Othman was so distraught, she said, she “couldn’t think straight.” The 45-year-old Palestinian American, who teaches social studies at Harold L. Richards High School in Oak Lawn, Ill., recalled that she “started getting nightmares from my own experiences when I was in Palestine. I was functional at work, but barely functional. My brain was mush. I was getting traumatized every time I turned on my phone.”


There's certainly something morally wrong with a person who wasn't bothered by the October 7th massacre but gets "traumatized" by Israel daring to fight back against a literal terrorist government. She "couldn't think straight" and started having nightmares, not because of Hamas' brutal rule and the atrocities it committed against Israelis and Palestinians over the decades, but because Jews didn't acquiesce to being murdered. I guess Gaza was a utopia on October 6th and we just didn't know it. 

Regardless, this is not a leg of the stool that Biden can afford to lose, even if it just means decreased donations from the members of these teachers' unions. The NEA is the largest union in the country, and it is a goldmine for the Democratic Party. 

The entire situation is just incredible to me. It's not like Biden hasn't grossly equivocated regarding Hamas and even said he still supports a Palestinian state despite their rampage. He's bent the knee and empowered terrorists on multiple levels, but apparently, even that doesn't make him supportive enough of the blood-thirsty maniacs. It shows you how insane the far-left is. 


Things can change as the general election season nears, and there's going to be a lot of money spent by leftwing dark money groups to rally support for Biden. Republicans shouldn't get comfortable with the relative calm of the primary season. As things stand, though, the president's coalition is collapsing. When he's got the teachers' unions threatening to pull endorsements, that means he's on thin ice with his most loyal constituency. How much worse are things with independents? 


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