Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Fact-Checked Into Next Week During Falsehood-Filled Briefing

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

It was a rough day at the White House for Karine Jean-Pierre. The president's press secretary repeated several falsehoods that ended up blowing up in her face, including during a confrontation with a reporter who was prepared to counter with facts. 


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Jean-Pierre hasn't gotten any better at her job, but she's certainly gotten more comfortable in it. When you're part of the Biden administration, you start to feel invincible. After all, nearly everyone in the briefing room is on "your side." Jean-Pierre doesn't lie effortlessly. She lies like a drunk trying to balance a piece of china on their head. Typically, it doesn't matter because there's so much sycophancy, but on Wednesday, it mattered. 

Biden doesn't insult voters or the American people. You know, except when he's calling them a "damn liar" or accusing them of being "full of ****," among other obscenities.

No one has less respect for voters than the current president of the United States. We are talking about a guy who gave a speech flanked by Marines lambasting half the country as extremist threats to "democracy." Jean-Pierre suggesting otherwise is spit-your-coffee-out hilarious. I mean, come on. 


That wasn't the only tall tale the press secretary shared, though. She was confronted by a reporter over the administration's false framing that Texas had caused three migrants to drown because they blocked access to a part of Eagle Pass. In reality, the migrants died on the Mexican side of the border before illegally entering the United States and had already been deceased for an hour by the time the Border Patrol arrived. 

Try to count the number of times Jean-Pierre blinks once she begins her answer. That's how you know she's cornered. The repetition of the fact that people died is also telling. She has no answer for why she and the White House lied, so she's simply trying to appeal to emotion. 

The reporter wasn't done yet. She then pointed out that the administration's claim that Republicans tried to reduce the number of Border Patrol agents is also false. 


As noted, even The Washington Post had to throw a flag on that one. Republicans did not try to reduce the number of Border Patrol agents. On the contrary, their proposal specifically protected the CBP from any manpower cuts. Jean-Pierre can't help but repeat her lie, though, because she's absolutely shameless. 

It's always disconcerting to me what politics does to people. It's one thing to be passionate. It's another to stand up in front of people day after day and lie to their faces for perceived political gain. That takes a certain psychosis, and Jean-Pierre has it in spades.

All three of her claims were false. All of them were fact-checked, and she can still sit there with a straight face and insist everyone but the White House is wrong. I guess you could admire the consistency, but is it really admirable? Or is it just disturbing?


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