The Biden Administration Has Become Completely Delusional on the Economy

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Things are not going well for the Biden administration. Despite the marketing genius that is "Bidenomics," Americans continue to not buy what the president and his handlers are selling.


Still, they march valiantly forward, appearing on friendly news networks to tout their supposed economic successes, hoping for some messaging traction. Instead, even mainstream press members are growing weary. On Sunday, it was Biden budget director Shalanda Young's turn to try to convince people that water isn't wet. 

What transpired was pure delusion. 

HOST: Why don't you think the president's polices are resonating more?

YOUNG: Look the president gets it, I get it. I have a 95-year-old grandmother in Clinton, LA, so I get first-hand feedback on what people are feeling [on] the ground, these small little towns like I'm from. So I get it. The macro numbers are going as well as anybody could have predicted, right, inflation coming down, job numbers remaining strong, but people have got to feel it, and it's gonna take time. 

Let's pause there for a moment. Last I checked, it is nearly 2024. Joe Biden has been in office for three years. His policies have been in effect that entire time. If it's "gonna take time" at this point, then those policies are an abject failure. 


As to the merits of her argument, inflation is only coming down because it rose to a near-record high due to the president's massive spending binge. Are Americans supposed to be happy that they now get to pay around 20 percent more for the same lifestyle they were living before Biden took office? And no, the macro numbers are not going "as well as anybody could have predicted." We were consistently told inflation would be short-lived and transitory. Instead, it lasted years and became baked into the cake. 

That's not the dumbest part of Young's comments, though. 

YOUNG: When the macroeconomy, we see good numbers, that often takes time to trickle through, but we can't give up. I'm on his economics team, and the thing we focus on the most is how do we bring down costs. That's why you hear us talk about junk fees. What is that? That saves peoples' money. When we go after banks and hotels, people who charge you an extra $20 or $50. Everything...

HOST: They see supermarket prices up two percent vs. last year...

YOUNG: Yeah, but everything we can do, we can not leave any stone unturned to make sure people are paying less.

Junk fees. The Biden administration is still talking about flipping junk fees. Do you know what happens when the government tries to get involved at the pricing level of various industries? Overall prices go up. If you tell an airline it can't charge for a carry-on bag anymore, it will simply raise the price of a ticket. If you tell a hotel it can't charge a cancellation fee, the price of a room will increase. This isn't complicated. 


We don't need daddy Biden to save us from junk fees. We need him to get out of the way so the economy can recover organically without the cost of rent going up double-digits in just a few years. It's embarrassing to watch an administration become this delusional. It's not "gonna take time." Biden and his handlers have already had time, and they have failed. 



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