Adam Kinzinger Has an Hours-Long Mental Breakdown Over Mike Lee and the January 6th Tapes

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Apparently, Sen. Mike Lee really ruffled some feathers with his response to the recently released January 6th footage. As RedState reported, Liz Cheney tried to "clap back" over it, and it did not go well for multiple reasons, including the fact that it exposed her chosen narrative. 


Not to be outdone, Adam Kinzinger also joined the fray with a multi-post meltdown, complete with calling Lee "dough face." Here's a little bit about what that looked like, and keep in mind that he made almost a dozen of these posts.

Once again, having a Ukraine flag in one's social media handle is the tip-off. It's the most foolproof method of ascertaining you're about to read something really, really stupid. 

In this case, Kinzinger doesn't seem to realize that his supposedly genius rebuttal actually exposes his hypocrisy. In a vacuum, he's correct that just because some people who entered the Capitol Building were peaceful doesn't mean everyone on the grounds was. Clearly, some people did assault police officers and damage property. There's ample video evidence of that.

I know that because it's all Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger showed us for years on end as they pretended to be relevant in the wake of the riot at the Capitol. What they didn't show us is the vast majority of people who were present did what crowds often do, which is to wander around aimlessly with no actual intent to break the law. There's a reason the vast majority of people present at protests that get violent aren't even arrested, much less hunted down and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That's because the DOJ doesn't typically go after people for being adjacent to riotous behavior. 


I say that to say that "we've been lied to" is actually true. Kinzinger lied to everyone when he sat on a committee and refused to acknowledge that a lot of people at the Capitol on January 6th almost certainly had no intention to do anything but protest. Why was the January 6th committee so dishonest in not just letting that be known openly? What was Kinzinger so afraid of? That his political bludgeon might hold just a little bit less power? 

In short, Kinzinger's supposed "own" actually works against him. If he's all about transparency and telling the full story, he had the chance to do that when he was still in office. Instead, he obfuscated and misled to form a narrative that he and others felt provided maximum political fodder. Lastly, returning to Kinzinger's childish attack on Lee, I'm old enough to remember when Kinzinger used to cry about "norms" and decorum. Once again, the failed former Illinois congressman shows he's just a hypocritical clown. 



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