WATCH: John Fetterman Taunts Pro-Hamas Protesters As They Are Getting Arrested

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Is John Fetterman turning into the new Kyrsten Sinema? We'd need to see him oppose nuking the filibuster to go that far, but there's no denying that the Pennsylvania senator has taken a stance on Israel that has left the far-left reeling. 


He's not just doing it with bland statements, either. Recently, he covered his office in pictures of the hostages that Hamas took on October 7th, and on Thursday, he took things up a level. While exiting the Capitol, a group of pro-Hamas protesters were present, with some being arrested. Instead of showing them sympathy, something many Democrats would do, Fetterman went the other way. 

In the video, you hear people chanting about "genocide" while others boo Fetterman as he exits the building. That's when he whips out an Israeli flag and starts waving it at them. Obviously, that only incensed the protesters more, with one guy shouting, "You do a disservice to Pennsylvania." Fetterman then turns around and waves at them with a smile. 

I know I'm not supposed to like the guy, and I'm under no illusions that he's not as bad as any other Democrat on most issues. Still, it's hilarious and refreshing to see someone throw all political caution to the wind and take a stand for what's right. Fetterman did that when he was one of the first to call for Bob Menendez to resign, and he's doing it now, not just with his broad support for Israel, but also with his lack of coddling of the pro-Hamas wing of his party. 

This hits on something I mentioned in a prior social media post. It's incredibly ironic that Democrats could find no fault with Fetterman, even when he was (and presumably still is) struggling to understand basic conversations, but the moment he came out in support of Israel, he became a problem. 


The angst mentioned above was caused by Fetterman telling a protester yelling about Hamas-cited Gaza casualty numbers, "The joke is on you. I had a stroke. I can’t fully understand what you’re saying." It was legitimately funny, but it was also something no other Democrat in office would say, and it drew the ire of many left-wing press outlets.

I don't know exactly what, but something's going on with Fetterman. I'm not saying he's going to be following Sinema down the path of becoming an independent, but the disgust he's showing his own party's base is unique among his colleagues. It's also a good example of why, health issues aside, he won his race in Pennsylvania. 

Don't worry, I'm not under any illusions that he's not going to royally tick me off with some far-left stance on another issue in the near future. For the moment, I'm enjoying the entertainment value of all this. 


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