Kamala Harris' '60 Minutes' Reboot Was an Abject Disaster

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Are you ready for yet another Kamala Harris reboot? The embattled vice president has been "reintroduced" to the American people more times than the McRib at this point. Over and over, press outlets give her the kid glove treatment in an attempt to assert her supposed political chops. 


This time, it was 60 Minutes' turn. What began with a drooling puff piece descended into an abject disaster. 

Ah yes, Harris is a savvy player. That's why her political career has been continuously bolstered by shady dealings and failures. To become vice president, Joe Biden had to essentially pluck her off the trash heap of candidates who didn't even make it to Iowa, and unlike everyone else in that race, Harris was actually the frontrunner for a significant period of time. It wasn't as if she was facing an incumbent and came up short. She was the current thing for Democrats and the press for most of 2019. 

Her collapse was organic, not the result of pre-existing factors, and it happened because she's easily one of the least capable and least likable politicians of the last century. Identity politics is why she's where she is, not because she's actually good at this. 

For a perfect example of that, here's Harris announcing that Joe Biden is indeed alive. 


You know things are going gangbusters when the Vice President of the United States has to let everyone know that the president is still alive. No worries, though. All the current administration needs to do is let people know who "brung it to 'em." 

What the administration has "brung" is nearly an 18 percent cumaliative price increase on Americans since taking office along with interest rates so high that home ownership is now prohibitive for nearly everyone. 

It is astonishing to me that Harris is still suggesting that the problem is simply a lack of effective messaging. No, the economy is in shambles, propped up by outrageous government spending that manages to keep GDP afloat. It's in an unsustainable spiral whereby wages are "up" but the cost of everything is so much higher that real wages are down. 

60 Minutes did its best to cover for those issues. That also didn't go well.

You have to love the quesiton, which assumes everything is just going great. Regardless, the confidence Harris shows is obviously manufactured. Right now, she and Biden are about as popular as toe fungus. 


What worried me the most from the interview was this next clip, though. 

Remember when Harris went to Europe to warn Russia not to invade Ukraine and then the next day Vladimir Putin moved into the Donbas region? If there's one thing we know holds zero value in this world, it's a warning from the Biden administration. So yeah, I guess we are going to war with Iran. 

All that said, the overarching theme here was just how stagnant Harris is as a politician. Despite yet another reboot attempt, she remains just as terrible as she's always been. There is no saving her as a presidential prospect. Democrats played the identity politics game, and now they are stuck with one of the worst candidates in modern history.


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