Antony Blinken's Soul-Sucking Facial Expressions During Biden Presser Go Hilariously Viral

President Joe Biden speaks to reporters on Air Force One before leaving Israel (10/18/23). (Credit: CNN)

After perhaps his most concerning, low-energy performance in a foreign nation since taking office, President Joe Biden boarded Air Force One to leave Israel on Wednesday. Before takeoff, he decided to hold an impromptu presser, and as RedState reported, it was a bit of a mess. 


At one point, Biden confused everybody with a nearly two-minute-long "answer" that brought up school shootings and something about grasping for hope. What he was actually referring to is still a bit of a mystery. At other points, he inadvertently undercut Israel despite his best attempts to provide support, with Karine Jean-Pierre eventually having to step in mid-sentence to shut things down. 

In the end, it wasn't anything Biden said that caused the biggest stir online, though. Rather, it was Secretary of State Antony Blinken's facial expressions. You could literally see his soul being sucked out of him as he stood behind the president. 

I feel for the guy. Yeah, Blinken is a big part of the problem when it comes to America's ridiculous foreign policy, but a person in distress is a person in distress. I fully expected to see him blink twice for help during that presser. It was like watching a man after his dog died, his wife left him, and he lost his job - all in the same day. There's nothing left in his eyes but a void.

Imagine being a left-wing ideologue who is trying to shape world affairs, as harmful as that is, and then having your boss' obvious senility constantly undercut you. Day after day, Biden's various handlers have to clean up his messes and hope beyond hope that no one notices them for too long. What an existence. 


In that presser specifically, Biden proclaimed that Hamas needs to "learn how to shoot straight" despite the fact that "shooting straight" would entail rockets landing in Israel and killing innocent people. 

The man has no filter. It's like having to deal with your grandfather in the old folks home leading the most powerful nation on earth. You wouldn't trust him to brush his own teeth, but he's making decisions that could lead to war. 

Still, Blinken chose his lot. No one forced him to accept his position, and he could speak out at any time. At some point, and that point was long ago, Biden's handlers stopped being bystanders and started being culpable. The world is descending into chaos as they play Weekend at Bernie's to keep their own power intact. But hey, if things are going to crash and burn, I suppose they might as well be entertaining as well. 



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