WATCH: Things Get Spicy in France as Police Battle Pro-Hamas Protesters

Credit: Ben Kew

Pro-Hamas protests have broken out across the globe following the massacre of over 1,200 people in Israel. Terrorists breached the security fences and flew over them in hang gliders on Saturday, committing mass atrocities in Israeli towns and at a music festival with an estimated 100 people still being held hostage. 


That prompted mass protests around the globe in support of Hamas, with violence expected to escalate further during a "day of rage" on Friday. Things are already getting spicy in France, though, with police clashing with protesters. 

Here's how things started, and then we'll get to how it ended.

TRANSLATION: Free Palestine is sprayed on the statue of the Republic during the pro-Palestine demonstration in Paris.

A crowd of at least several hundred protesters surrounded the Statue of the Republic, with some scaling it and defacing it. "Free Palestine" can be seen spray-painted on the priceless piece of art while it appears a piece of red fabric was placed over one of the heads on the statue. 

Keep in mind that all of this is occurring in the wake of the massacre of at least 1,200 people, including the brutal murder of babies. Yet, people across Europe and in the United States apparently think that's a great time to show support for Hamas' operation and demand the Palestinians be given concessions. That just doesn't wash. You don't get to perpetrate the largest murder spree against Jews since the Holocaust and then play the victim. 


And while some will claim these protesters aren't pro-Hamas but are just pro-Palestinian, I don't think that distinction can be made in this situation. It'd be like people protesting in favor of Nazi Germany right after a concentration camp was discovered. These protests are occurring because of Hamas' attack. Further, many of these protesters are directly praising the terrorists, not even leaving their allegiances ambiguous. 

Regardless, while France may have its flaws, they don't play around when it comes to illegal protests. 

It's not clear whether the last clip is of the same protest at the Statue of the Republic or another one somewhere else, but the result was the same. Police used tear gas before officers in riot gear were brought in to clear the area. Protesters can be seen running away, screaming phrases like "free Palestine."


Is this a preview of the "day of rage?" That will likely depend on how tough local authorities get in shutting down the protests that break the law. In this case, vandalism and trespassing were happening and French police moved quickly. Other countries, including the United States, are likely to not be as aggressive. We'll have to see if that allows things to escalate into violence. 



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