WATCH: CNN Hosts Hamas Propagandist, Airs His Deranged Claims About Israeli Targets

Fareed Zakaria interviews Mustafa Barghou (10/9/23). (Credit: CNN/Twitter)

Israel has already begun an assault on the Gaza Strip in response to the brutal invasion by Hamas terrorists that left upwards of 1,000 civilians dead. The largest number of dead came from an attack on a dance festival, with Hamas gunmen mowing down people in cold blood as they retreated.


Many of the atrocities committed have been documented on video, leaving no doubt as to what occurred. Still, some people are shameless enough to pretend otherwise. 

The man in the clip is Mustafa Barghou, a Palestinian politician and self-proclaimed activist, and his comments are some of the most unbelievable, deranged words I've heard spoken in a very long time. Saying that Hamas "mainly attacked" military installations is objectively false. As I mentioned, the largest number of deaths came from attacking a dance festival, not from hitting Israeli checkpoints. Videos have shown the Palestinian death squads going door to door, murdering entire families. They've also taken at least 150 people hostage and are threatening to murder them if Israel carries out retaliatory strikes. 

Don't take my word for it, though. Since Barghou appears to be highly confused, here's just one of the many videos put out by Hamas itself. I'm purposely choosing one of the less graphic ones, but there is no doubt that civilians were targeted. To say otherwise is objectively insane.


Of course, we all know Barghou isn't just confused or mistaken. His claim is so obviously false that only malice can be assumed, and he seems more than comfortable defending the psychotic acts perpetrated during the Hamas attack.

What's worse, though? That this guy said what he said, or that CNN put him on air to do so? You expect terrorist sympathizers to say crazy things. Should we expect mainstream news organizations to platform them? Remember, we are talking about a network that had an internal mutiny over Donald Trump being given a town hall. But putting on a Palestinian propagandist to defend rape, torture, and murder of women and children is apparently fine for CNN. 



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