John Fetterman Walks Right Into a Massive Self-Own Over Nate Silver Comment on Senate Dress Code Change

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

As Redstate reported, the U.S. Senate, a once-storied institution, has eliminated its dress code and its members in order to appease Sen. John Fetterman. That comes in response to Fetterman claiming that wearing gym shorts and a hoodie is paramount to his recovery from clinical depression, a condition that put him in the hospital for over a month earlier in 2023. 


Apparently, the Senate is simply a long-term care facility at this point, whether we are talking about Fetterman or one of its many geriatric members. What happened to having some basic expectations for elected officials? Appearances aren't everything, but they are something. There's a reason the Senate has had a dress code for so long. A sense of decorum is a good thing for deliberative bodies.

Besides, if someone is so emotionally unstable that they can't function without wearing gym shorts and a hoodie to work, should that person be in charge of helping lead the country? The answer to that would seem to be no, in my view. Something is clearly not right with Fetterman. 

To further illustrate that, the Pennsylvania senator decided to take a swipe at Nate Silver for what was a very mundane post. 

Of note is that Silver's post is not an attack on Fetterman. In fact, it's a tacit defense, suggesting that the accommodations being made are no big deal. Yet, Fetterman decides to snark back anyway, apparently not realizing he was committing a massive self-own in the process. 


Yes, Mr. Fetterman, we realize that you dress like Silver predicts (i.e. not well). That's the entire point. Perhaps the stroke has left the good senator still struggling to process basic arguments. Whatever the reason, he stepped on a rake. 

Regardless, this is unacceptable. We should not be lowering the standards of the U.S. Senate to a place of absurdity because a grown man doesn't want to put on a pair of dress slacks. If you can't do something that basic, you shouldn't hold the office. If that makes me "ableist," then so be it. I don't think it does, though.


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