Democrats Become Real-Life 'Trust Me, Bro' Meme While Defending Biden From Impeachment

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

After much back and forth, including initially saying a House vote would be needed, Speaker Kevin McCarthy took the step of opening an impeachment inquiry on Tuesday. It was a welcomed development for most Republicans who feared that Washington's double standards would be upheld. 


Instead, McCarthy used the precedent set by Rep. Nancy Pelosi against Donald Trump. That sent Democrats into the stratosphere because Republicans are never supposed to use their own rules against them. To do so is deeply harmful to our "democracy" and is making a mockery of the impeachment process. You see, they'd never do anything like that except all the times they did things exactly like that. 

The problem for Democrats is there is actually evidence to justify opening the impeachment inquiry. This isn't just a case of tit-for-tat, and that's left them flailing, desperately trying to pretend what's been uncovered hasn't been uncovered, or more insulting, that it all means nothing.

For example, here was Biden spokesman Ian Sams claiming that the president calling into over a dozen of his troubled son's business meetings was just about a father's love. 

Have you seen that meme with the crying guy saying "Trust me, bro?" That's what Democrats have become. 


I mean, sure, no normal person calls into another person's business meetings without some actual reason to be there, but we are assured that this time was different. Biden just wanted to check in on his son, which is why he stayed on the phone to discuss the "weather" with people who were mostly there in order to garner influence from the then-vice president. And while he also had an in-person dinner with a Russian oligarch who just so happened to be paying his son millions of dollars for reasons that no one can quite figure out, that doesn't mean anything. Trust me, bro. 

As Bump says, there's no evidence that Joe Biden had any involvement in his son's corrupt business dealings except for the fact that multiple text messages and emails exist confirming that Joe Biden was involved. But that doesn't actually implicate him. An email from Hunter Biden saying he paid half of his father's expenses could mean anything and a text message alleging that Joe Biden was in the room during the shakedown of a CCP official is hopelessly opaque. Trust me, bro. 


Yeah, I know that the Biden family received tens of millions of dollars from foreign adversaries for no particular reason at all, but what's so special about that? The fact that others involved with CEFC Energy have ended up charged with FARA violations isn't an indication that the Bidens did anything wrong. The Chinese just like to hand out bags of cash for nothing in return, and that $5 million in unexplained income Joe Biden has could have just been from excess book sales. Trust me, bro. 

Don't connect the dots. Don't use common sense. Don't ask questions. Don't wonder why Joe Biden lied for years about even having any knowledge of his son's business dealings. Just trust me, bro.



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