Would Biden Resigning Actually Be a Disaster?

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Sitting back and looking at all the pieces I've written covering Joe Biden's various failures and scandals, it's hard not to wonder how he's managed to remain in office this long. You'd think being credibly accused of bribery by an FBI confidential source while his family rakes in tens of millions from foreign sources, including the Russians and the Chinese, would be a bigger deal. 


Of course, the president's plot armor is directly connected to the fact that the mainstream press will do just about anything to protect him. Most of that comes from simply not covering major news. A recent example of that came when Gold Star families testified of Biden's sociopathic behavior towards them. None of the major broadcast networks even saw fit to mention their words despite those same networks spending weeks decrying Trump's supposed treatment of a Gold Star family (the former president was actually attempting to praise the bravery of the soldier who perished).

There are many, many more examples, but thinking about them raised a question in my mind: Should we actually want Biden to resign? 

I'm not so sure. In fact, there's a pretty good argument that the president resigning his place in the White House under the weight of the scandals currently facing him would be a disaster for Republicans. 

Why? Because it would take off the board one of the biggest liabilities that currently exists for the Democratic Party. It would be the reverse of Donald Trump not being the nominee for the GOP, as in Democrats would be extremely upset that they couldn't continue to make the 2024 campaign all about the legal cases against the former president and January 6th. 


As it stands, Biden is historically unpopular as a sitting president. He's so unpopular that he actually makes a Trump victory in 2024 appear to be somewhat feasible, though still an uphill climb. Should Republicans want to gamble running against a wildcard like Gavin Newsom, who would actually be able to run a campaign from outside his basement? Yes, California is a dumpster fire, but don't underestimate the ability of a slick talker to court the suburban wine-mom crowd. I could be wrong, but it still seems like facing Biden is the best shot Republicans have in 2024.

There is Kamala Harris to consider, though. She actually has a lower favorable rating than the president as of this writing. That's due to her hilariously unauthentic political presentation, and the fact that she's a do-nothing who has never accomplished anything in her career. But would that change if she stepped into the role of president and Democrats rallied around her as the presumptive nominee? I'm not sure, but my suspicion is that she'd simply lose an open primary against Newsom if Biden were to step aside.


One must admit that it's a weird thing to ponder. On the one hand, we here at RedState have to keep covering the news, and that means covering every single one of Biden's legion of scandals. We are never going to adjust our coverage of any topic based on some political calculation. Still, should we all be hoping that these scandals damage Biden beyond repair, but not quite enough that he's forced to resign? 

That seems like the best path, but what do you think?



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