Garland's Past Claims Come Back to Bite Him After Appointment of Special Counsel

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In what was obviously meant to be a Friday news dump, AG Merrick Garland appointed David Weiss as special counsel over the Hunter Biden probe. According to the DOJ, Weiss requested the elevation and will now use it to charge the president’s son in other districts.


That led to a lot of different questions. Was the move meant to get a plea agreement in front of a more friendly judge in Washington, D.C.? That seems incredibly likely given how hard Weiss tried to hand Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal in Delaware. Then there’s the House investigation into the Bidens to consider. Would this make it more difficult to force the production of documents and testimony relating to the now-special counsel?

Those are all very valid concerns, but there’s another angle to consider. Did the appointment of Weiss prove that the IRS whistleblowers were telling the truth? It sure seems like it.

Let’s go to the tape.

As RedState reported extensively, one of the primary claims by both whistleblowers was that Weiss told them he was denied the ability to prosecute Hunter Biden in two other districts outside of Delaware. That was a problem because Weiss also allegedly claimed that he requested special counsel status and was denied. That status would have enabled him (and now enables him) to charge Hunter Biden in any jurisdiction in the country.


Here’s where Garland comes in. Following the testimony of whistleblower Gary Shapley, a career IRS agent who claims his investigation into Hunter Biden and Joe Biden was stonewalled, the Attorney General held a presser in which he said this.

At the time, those were weasel words. Saying “I don’t know how it would possible” to stop Weiss from charging in any district he wanted was a cleverly formulated hedge, meant to leave room for Garland to say he was simply mistaken. But the implication was clear. He wanted the American people to believe that Weiss could charge wherever he wanted and that special counsel status was not needed.

What’s that tell you? It tells you that Garland was not telling the truth, or at the very least, he was misleading people in an equally dishonest way. If Weiss had the power, at the time of the AG’s statement in June, to charge anywhere, then why make him a special counsel in August with the stated reason being that Weiss wants to move the charges to another district, including the gun charge.


It seems clear when you put all this together that the much-maligned (by the mainstream press) whistleblowers were being truthful. They said Weiss told them he didn’t have the power to charge in other districts. Garland giving Weiss special counsel status proves that was true. A lot of the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC owe Shapley and Joseph Ziegler an apology. Somehow, I doubt they’ll be receiving them, though.


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