Kari Lake Calls to 'Decertify' the 2020 Election to Remove Joe Biden as President

Kari Lake stirred controversy on Thursday while appearing on War Room with Steve Bannon. During a segment discussing a possible impeachment of Joe Biden, the former Arizona gubernatorial candidate stated that the House of Representatives should instead “decertify” the 2020 election and remove Joe Biden as president (and Kamala Harris as vice president).

Though the Trump surrogate above and most Trump surrogates sharing the clip are interpreting Lake’s comment as a way to also “reinstate” Donald Trump as president, Lake doesn’t actually say that. Instead, she moves on to another topic before stating what the next step would be. The implication of her statement, though, is that Donald Trump would then be installed as president, otherwise decertifying the election would serve no purpose.

Regardless, the notion of decertifying a presidential election, much less nearly three years later, is not found in U.S. law, and there’s no reason to believe such a gambit is possible. Once an election is certified and a president has been inaugurated, there is only one constitutional lever to remove that president. That remains the process of impeachment.

That means that, in the end, a House vote to “decertify” the election, even if it succeeded, would hold no more weight than a normal resolution, which is to say it’d carry no actual force of law at all. Further, the U.S. Senate, which is controlled by the Democratic Party, would also never go along with any such move.

There are other issues to deal with here as well. For example, after the federal government put out its questionable intelligence report stating that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, did the Democrat-led House then have the ability to decertify the election and install Hillary Clinton as president? If not, why would Republicans have that power now? The answer remains obvious that no one has that power. To remove a president, it’s impeachment or bust.


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