Biden's Gen Z Influencers React to Him Shirtless at the Beach, and the Kids Are Not Alright

Joe Biden at the beach in Rohobeth, DE. (Credit: Twitter)

As RedState reported, Joe Biden is back on vacation again. After spending multiple days at the beach just a few weeks prior and then taking a long trip to Camp David afterward, the president is now at Rehobeth Beach.


Biden has spent somewhere around 40 percent of his presidency on leisure trips, many to his Delaware beach house where he essentially falls off the grid for days at a time. Don’t question his work ethic, though. Biden’s handlers will be quick to insist his schedule is as strenuous as any president in history. It’s not true, but they’ll insist it is.

Regardless, it wasn’t long before the president made news in one of the weirdest ways imaginable. While on the beach, Biden was photographed shirtless, but it wasn’t the picture that was interesting. Rather, it was the responses from his Gen Z influencer squad.

These captions are…something.

Harry Sisson, who is rumored to be paid for his promotion of Biden, insists that the above photograph is “cool.” He’s wearing aviators! And his hat is backward! I mean, sure, he’s an 80-year-old with saggy skin, zero muscle definition, and legs that would fit right in at your local Popeyes, but again, his hat is backward.


Victor Shi, one of the more insufferable Biden influencers, echoed Sisson’s excitement, proclaiming that “dark Brandon” has “come to life,” and that he’s “cool” for an 80-year-old. Meanwhile, Jack Cocchiarella asserted that if Biden keeps turning his hat around backward, he might end up winning Florida.

Keep in mind, these are all guys in their early 20s (at most) and are getting this excited about seeing a droopy old man shirtless. That’s just a little creepy, isn’t it? I’m not suggesting anything untoward. I am suggesting Sisson and his crew should probably go outside and breathe some fresh air for a bit.

So how do you end up with a picture like that going viral? It’s all about self-awareness, and Biden hasn’t had any for a long time, and that may not be by choice given his public appearances attest to his mental state. Did you ever see Donald Trump running around the beach shirtless as president? Of course, not, because he was self-aware to know that that was not a good look for him. Further, how presidents present themselves actually matters, as unfair as that may seem at times.


Biden doesn’t care about such things because the presidency is just a status symbol for him. It’s not about producing results or helping people. It’s about getting his name in the history books and living the high life on the taxpayer dime. There’s a reason he ran for the office so many times before finally breaking through against a field whose most impressive member was Bernie Sanders.

Returning to these Gen Z influencers, I’d suggest they take a break for a bit. It’s easy for anyone to get too wrapped up in politics, and when you are hyperventilating over a shirtless Joe Biden, perhaps it’s time to take a step back.


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