Hunter Biden Shows up to Plea Deal Hearing Accompanied by His Bong-Ripping 'Sugar Brother'

Hunter Biden showed up to court on Wednesday to accept the sweetheart plea deal the DOJ recently awarded him. It will now be up to the federal judge overseeing the case to decide whether to adjust the stipulations or allow the president’s son to receive a slap on the wrist for crimes that would land anyone else in prison.


She will be making that decision in light of a seemingly underhanded attempt by Hunter Biden’s legal team to get an amicus brief removed from the docket. After the judge demanded an explanation, lawyers for the president’s son claimed it had been a misunderstanding on the part of the clerk.

As of this writing, we don’t know whether that situation will influence the outcome. We do know that Hunter Biden was accompanied by a very interesting figure as he walked into the building. That would be Kevin Morris, last seen ripping a bong on his balcony during a visit from the younger Biden. In fact, Morris flew himself and Hunter Biden to the court appearance on his private jet, a very expensive Dassault Falcon 50.

Hunter Biden flew to his criminal court hearing in a private jet belonging to his ‘sugar brother’, according to a source and flight records.

A Dassault Falcon 50 belonging to Kevin Morris, Hunter’s lawyer and financial benefactor, flew from a Los Angeles airport to Philadelphia today, landing around 7.15pm local time, flight data shows.

Photographs from the press would later confirm Morris’ attendance at the plea hearing, and it once again begs the question: Why exactly is Morris willing to spend millions of dollars on Hunter Biden?

The relationship between the two has never made much sense. How many wealthy individuals do you know who are willing to pay off $2.8 million in unpaid taxes for a drug addict without receiving something in return? That’s exactly what Morris did for Hunter Biden, structuring it as a “loan” that will obviously never be paid back in order to avoid further taxation. Morris has also been paying legal fees for the president’s son and even bought him a fancy car to drive around.


Is Morris receiving some kind of preferential treatment from the Biden administration? Is he working to cover something up by ensuring Hunter Biden is protected from further legal culpability? I don’t know the answer, but I know his supposed generosity doesn’t begin to add up.

The DOJ should be sniffing around to find out why Morris is doing what he’s doing. Of course, the DOJ is too busy letting Hunter Biden off the hook to do that so I’m spitting into the wind. Given that, perhaps House Republicans should add the relationship between the president’s son and Morris to their docket of investigations surrounding the Biden family’s corruption. Something doesn’t smell right.



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