New Emails Finally Reveal What Hunter Biden Was Doing for Burisma Founder, as More Dots Start to Connect

In one of the more interesting releases from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, new emails are finally providing some answers to a long-held question: Why exactly was Ukrainian gas company Burisma paying Hunter Biden so much money?


It’s been known since at least 2019 that the president’s son received $83,000 a month to be on the board of Burisma. That money was paid to Hunter Biden despite him having no perceivable expertise in oil and gas and having never even worked in Ukraine.

So what exactly was he getting paid for? According to emails exchanged between Hunter Biden and his various business associates, the group was working to garner a U.S. visa for Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma. Zlochevsky had previously been put on the U.S. State Department’s ban list after Ukraine’s 2014 revolution (The Daily Caller).

Pozharskyi told King in early June that Zlochevsky was “prepared to apply to US embassy for US visa” and said he needed a reason to travel to the United States. Pozharskyi asked King’s company to send Zlochevsky an invitation to be “signed by one of companies lawyer/partner, namely H. Biden,” emails show.

“Two reasons for that, firstly having Hunters [sic] name on invitation will invite embassy [sic] to consider carefully that application. Secondly If [sic] he is denied in obtaining visa, then your company, that actualy [sic] invited Nikolay could work with state department on this,” Pozharskyi said.

Hunter Biden mentioned his work for Zlochevsky in a June 2014 email to Archer – where he uses “NZ” to refer to the Ukrainian businessman – in a conversation on how to use the media to their benefit by covering Zlochevsky positively.

“If we are worried about NZ or image issues they will just continue to bury us with the nepotism/ privileged BS. On the other hand, if we embrace it- say why we really think we are on the right side of the fence- argue over it- know our shit- speak intelligently about energy and the future of US foreign policy that depends upon it,” Hunter Biden said.


Was any of that criminal? It depends on how the DOJ chooses to enforce the law. The above report cites a FARA expert who says some lines may have been crossed. We have seen associates of Hunter Biden, seemingly doing the same things he was doing, get charged with FARA violations.

Are we really supposed to believe that almost everyone involved in these deals committed criminal acts except the president’s son? Per this latest email chain, they were all taking orders from him, yet he’s the one person not culpable? Gal Luft’s recent indictment for working with CEFC Energy, a company that Hunter Biden also got paid large sums of money from, is yet another example of what appears to be a double standard.

Regardless, it seems to now be confirmed that Hunter Biden was being paid large sums of money by Zlochevsky to try to circumvent U.S. systems on Zlochevsky’s behalf. That’s important on its own, but it becomes even more important when you consider who Zlochevsky is in relation to the FD-1023 that undergirds the ongoing bribery scandal allegations that involve President Joe Biden.

Per reporting by RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar, the redacted figure in the FD-1023 who paid the bribe was none other than Zlochevsky, and he has been assessed by U.S. intelligence to be part Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

You can start to connect the dots from there. We have Hunter Biden and his associates being paid large amounts of money by Burisma to lobby U.S. agencies on behalf of Zlochevsky. That’s no longer a question given the content of these new emails. Then we have an FD-1023 form alleging that Zlochevsky paid $10 million worth of bribes to Joe and Hunter Biden. What happened after that? Joe Biden threatened Ukrainian leaders (something he would later brag about on tape) with the withholding of $1 billion in foreign aid unless they fired prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who just so happened to be investigating Burisma.


Are we really supposed to believe that sequence of events is a coincidence? It doesn’t begin to pass the smell test, and it’s astonishing that the DOJ and FBI want to pretend this issue doesn’t exist.


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