BLM Blames Conservatives in Wake of Transgender Mass Shooter in Philadelphia, Claims He Wasn't Really Transgender

AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

A mass shooting in Philadelphia that occurred on Monday quickly left the headlines after it was revealed the alleged culprit is a cross-dressing Black Lives Matter activist.


As RedState reported, the shooter was identified as Kimbrady Carriker. The biological male shot into a crowd and killed five people, including a 15-year-old boy. Multiple others were wounded on the scene, with a two-year-old being shot in the leg.

Black Lives Matter is now responding to the shooting, and the organization is blaming conservatives for perpetrating “violence” by posting pictures of Carriker in women’s clothing. Further, one of the activists who spoke at the presser claimed that Carriker is not actually transgender.

This may be the fastest detransition in history.


The claim that Carriker isn’t transgender seems more like a carefully planned bout of virtue signaling than a statement of truth. The shooter’s birth name is almost certainly not “Kimbrady.” That’s the kind of name you’d expect from someone who “transitions.” Further, he’s clearly cross-dressing in a way that would evidence him identifying as transgender and not just a performer or some such.

To be frank, I don’t feel much pressure to respect whatever nuances are being proposed here. We are dealing with a mass shooter who dresses like a woman and goes by a feminized name. Call that what you will, but it seems highly probable that Carriker is suffering from the same mental delusions the transgender shooter in Nashville suffered from.

Despite making up a tiny fraction of the population, there have been numerous transgender mass shooters over the last several years. Almost without fail, the press and activists come out and try to claim that they weren’t “really” transgender. That’s just too convenient, in my opinion.


Regardless, the rush to blame conservatives for pointing out circumstances that BLM and far-left trans activists don’t want to admit to is ridiculous. There is no “violence” being perpetrated by noting who Carriker is. The violence was committed when he killed five people and wounded several others. That should be the focus.

Lastly, BLM should be made to own the violent rhetoric it has spewed over its existence. This isn’t about conservatives. It’s about a far-left that preaches hate and retribution against those who have done nothing wrong. Carriker is likely a result of that rhetoric, choosing to carry out what so many have said. When you constantly tell trans-identifying people that they are being genocided by white supremacists, eventually, someone is going to take action.



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