EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis Press Secretary Addresses Accusation He's Behind Anonymous Twitter Account

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Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Bryan Griffin, is responding to an allegation that he’s behind an anonymous Twitter account that has become a mainstay in the current presidential primary battle.


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On Wednesday morning, a certain Twitter user put out a video in which the voice of Griffin is compared to that of another account named Max Nordau (who appears in various Twitter Spaces at times and is pro-DeSantis). The video purports to prove that Griffin and Max Nordau are one and the same.

RedState obtained an exclusive statement on the matter from Griffin, which reads:

This is a lie.

I rightly defended Trump from the lies and falsehoods of the left when he was president. It’s disappointing to see the left’s playbook adopted to now lie about myself and others.

I don’t do things anonymously; I put my name and face to everything I stand for. I am on Team DeSantis because I truly believe he is the best man to serve as our next president, correct course for our country, and stop the left’s agenda. As conservatives, let’s debate the issues and disavow the tactics of the left.

Now to the opinion part of this piece.

Having listened to the video in question, I have no reason to doubt Griffin’s above denial. Not only do the voices sound different, but the speaking styles and pacing are very divergent. I have also spoken to both men in the past unrelated to this and have never thought they sounded like the same person.


There are other things to note as well. Namely, Max Nordau’s account was registered in 2012 and has been active on all sorts of political matters for many years. Are we to believe that was all part of some elaborate ruse by Griffin, with the legwork going back over a decade?

Lastly, why would Griffin need to use an account with fewer followers to spread a message he has no shame in spreading himself from his larger personal account? Putting aside the differences in the voices, the theory just doesn’t make any sense.

In my view, these inter-party Twitter fights are a waste of time. They add no value to anything and no one outside of a tiny contingent cares about them. Trying to dox someone (perhaps falsely, as in this case) who disagrees with you politically is a terrible thing to do. Everyone chooses their path online for their own legitimate reasons (usually to protect family), and that should be respected.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece was edited post-publication for clarity.)


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