The Elites Laugh in Your Face as Hunter Biden Attends State Dinner With Merrick Garland and Indian PM

You’d think that a man who just pled guilty to multiple tax crimes and was given pre-trial diversion for a gun crime as part of a sweetheart deal might lay low for a while and stay out of the spotlight. At the very least, you’d think he wouldn’t be schmoozing in person with the very attorney general whose department just pampered and protected him. You’d be wrong, though.


After all, this is 2023 and Joe Biden is president. That means the elites spend their time laughing in your face, not even trying to keep up appearances.

According to multiple reports, a guest list, and photographs, Hunter Biden attended Thursday evening’s state dinner to honor Indian PM Narendra Modi. Also in attendance was Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s equally corrupt brother who is mentioned in emails as trading influence via the family name.

Who else was there? None other than AG Merrick Garland.

At some point, all you can do is sit back and laugh. These people are corrupt and they do not care that you know they are corrupt. In fact, they will take their corruption and rub it in your face because they want you to know they don’t care that you know. It’s a taxpayer-funded kingdom, and they are enjoying the perks, lording over you.

It seems quaint to even point out at this point given how blatant this all is, but think about the conflict of interest that exists in a DOJ target, someone who is supposedly still under investigation for other crimes, attending a state dinner with the attorney general who is overseeing that investigation. Never mind the chutzpah it takes for Joe Biden to invite his son to a state dinner just days after that son pled guilty to criminal activity.


This side-by-side illustrates the matter fairly succinctly.

The message here is clear. You are a nobody. You don’t matter. As for them? The rules don’t apply to them. They can do whatever they want. They can break gun laws and not go to prison despite DOJ protocols demanding time for normal people. They can commit tax evasion and have their charges downgraded to a few misdemeanors without even breaking a sweat. You’d be rotting in jail, but they will be attending state dinners.

It doesn’t stop with just the Beltway hierarchy either. As of this writing, not a single mainstream press outlet has even bothered to report on Hunter Biden attending a state dinner with AG Merrick Garland. They see nothing wrong with it because their meter of right and wrong is wholly dependent on what political party those in question belong to.

By the way, did you know Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his wife were also at the state dinner? Guess who once lobbied Blinken’s wife on behalf of a foreign firm as an unregistered foreign agent (a crime for people in Donald Trump’s orbit)? Yeah, that would be Hunter Biden, but I digress.


I’ve used the phrase before in relation to politics, but this is just more proof that nothing matters. There is no justice within the system. There is no decorum. There are no standards. It’s just raw, unadulterated power. That’s a pretty good reason to put your faith in something greater than whoever runs Washington, D.C.


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