Donald Trump Discusses His Legal Issues With Bret Baier, Jonathan Turley Expresses Concerns

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Bret Baier, and portions of it aired on Monday. In it, the former president shared details about his view of the DOJ’s indictment against him, discussing in detail what his claimed state of mind was and what his intentions were.


Here are some of the clips that are making the most news.

In the clip above, Trump answered a question about whether he held up a classified document during an interview with representatives for Mark Meadows. That involves the infamous tape held by the DOJ where Trump allegedly said he “could have declassified” a document he’s holding up, but that it was still “secret.” In response to Baier’s question, Trump says “It may have been held up or it may not have” before saying “There was no document.”

Trump also claimed in the interview that he “had every right to have those boxes,” an assertion that will no doubt be hotly debated at his trial.


When pressed on why he had the boxes moved, Trump claimed that he just wanted to go through them to remove his personal effects. The DOJ’s response will be to argue that he was hiding them so as to avoid a subpoena given his lawyer made gave a sworn statement to a judge that all the materials had been returned.

Jonathan Turley chimed in with his opinion on the interview and expressed some concerns.

Turley is correct that Trump has painted his lawyers into a corner with his continued public statements. That’s one of the reasons it’s not wise to give interviews about an ongoing legal matter. In this case, Trump’s pointed denials of what was in the boxes will become a big issue. His assertion that he was going to return them will also be fleshed out before a jury.


Regardless, Trump is going to be Trump. Should he be talking about this stuff off-the-cuff with a Fox News host? The answer is no, but the former president is going to do what he wants to do because he seems to truly believe if he wins the PR battle, that he wins the case. His lawyers will just have to do their best to work around that. There’s no use in even getting upset about it.



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