Joe Biden Furiously Rails Against Protecting Children While Kamala Harris Does Kamala Harris Things

If you blinked, you probably missed it given the range of news on Tuesday, but the White House hosted a Juneteenth concert, marking yet another partially taxpayer-funded event for the ruling class. Things went about as you’d expect. Namely, Joe Biden gave an angry speech in which he promoted the sheer degeneracy of his administration while Kamala Harris did Kamala Harris things.


To start off with some comic relief, here’s how the vice president’s introduction went.

I’ve watched that clip a few times in an attempt to figure out what was so funny, and I’m coming up empty. For nearly 30 seconds, Harris laughs uncontrollably, mouth gaping. It’s a common tic she suffers from when speaking publicly, and it’s part of the overly manufactured public persona she’s crafted for herself. It’s also part of why she’s so deeply unpopular. As politics has long taught us, optics matter, and Harris suffers from some of the worst speaking mannerisms and habits ever witnessed in Washington.

But I digress, let’s move on to the main event. Here was Joe Biden railing against people who protect children from viewing pornography in schools. On the bright side, he didn’t fall this time.

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That display disgusts me so much. The opinions of politicians should never be treated as more important than they are, but when you have the President of the United States yelling at people for protecting children, that is a use of the bully pulpit that should disturb you. While the idea that Republicans have “banned” books is technically untrue, it is true that figures like Ron DeSantis have signed laws barring the stocking of school libraries with books like Gender Queer.


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What is Gender Queer? It’s a gay porn comic book that teaches children how to perform sex acts, and it’s far from the only example of the dangerous nonsense Democrats want your kids to be reading. Really, there’s no ambiguity anymore. Biden and others have had plenty of time to clarify their stance.

Democrats could have easily approached the situation with caution, perhaps saying something like “We don’t support those graphically sexual books, but here are some other examples where we think things went too far.” Instead, they’ve chosen to offer outspoken, animated support for using the public school system to teach children how to do things like perform oral sex and “change” their gender.

It’d be astonishing if it weren’t so on-brand for the modern progressive movement. Ask yourself, if Biden actually wanted to groom kids, what would he be doing differently? What else am I supposed to think about a man who literally wants your child reading pornography in schools?

To cap off the twisted performance by the president, he then moved on to saving the “soul of America” again. You know, because that’s what guys who want to sexualize children have the capability of doing.


Enough with the cultish nonsense. A president, much less one as immoral and disturbed as Joe Biden, does not have the ability to “save” the “soul” of anything. The deification of politicians is gross, and it’s even more gross when politicians attempt to deify themselves.



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