Elon Musk Quickly Responds to Twitter's Censorship of The Daily Wire, but There Are Still Problems

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Earlier on Thursday, Jeremy Boreing, CEO of The Daily Wire, shared a disturbing thread in which he detailed how Twitter had censored content because it included instances of “misgendering.” According to Boreing, the social media company canceled a deal to promote and stream Matt Walsh’s What Is a Woman documentary. That came after a screener was sent over and Twitter employees decided it was abuse and harassment for a man to call his biological daughter “her.”


(See: The Daily Wire Alleges Elon Musk’s Twitter Canceled a Deal Over ‘Misgendering,’ and There are More Disturbing Revelations)

As I wrote in my initial write-up on the controversy, it was important that Elon Musk get out in front of this quickly. To not do so would put at risk all the trust he has built as a free speech proponent and as a respecter of objective truth.

Within a few hours, Musk did respond, and while his message isn’t terrible, it still leaves open a lot of questions that need to be addressed before this thing can be put to bed.

Whether Musk likes to use preferred pronouns or not out of some supposed idea of kindness doesn’t seem relevant here. Personally, I don’t think you are expressing kindness by playing into someone’s delusions, especially when they are as harmful as transgenderism.

Still, I’m glad he admits that mistakes were made and that what happened to The Daily Wire shouldn’t have happened, but what actions is he now going to take? Will those who perpetrated this nonsense, including censoring and limiting Matt Walsh’s tweets on the matter, be punished?


As of now, those restrictions are still on those videos. No one can like or share them on Twitter, effectively censoring them. Until that is rectified, it’s fair to wonder if Musk is really taking serious action or if he’s just giving a quick statement while not making the necessary changes.

I don’t believe this can be left to lie as simply a “mistake.” Heads need to roll within Musk’s company. People need to be fired for this. The idea that anyone within Twitter HQ at this point could simply not know that it’s not acceptable to censor people for “misgendering” under the new TOS is laughable. Of course, they knew, and they did it anyway.

Clearly, his initial push to fire all of the far-left ideological warriors at the company didn’t catch everyone. If there’s a contingent powerful enough to censor The Daily Wire over “misgendering” while saying that “misgendering” is still against Twitter’s rules and policies, then the rot still runs deep. Further, Twitter’s new CEO should answer for this as well.


With that said, I greatly appreciate what Musk has done to make Twitter the freest major social media site on the internet. No one should take my pressing this issue as an overall condemnation of him. Yet, he needs to handle this and handle it vigorously. A company can’t survive if it’s being harmed from within.


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